Jun 17, 2012

Minted Voting has Begun!!!

I mentioned in the past that I was taking part in my first Minted challenge.

For those of you who don't know, Minted holds monthly design challenges and voters rate the best designs in a highly competitive process. This month's challenge is Minted’s annual holiday card challenge!

This is typically their biggest design challenge with tons of designers submitting entries. I have submitted two designs and I would love it if you would click on the links below and vote for mine because the winning designs are produced and sold!

These are my two designs ready for voting:

You can click on the graphics above to go vote, or click here or here. I think you have to register to vote. I'm not 100% certain so let me know if you can't just click the link and rate the designs. If you do have to register, you only need to provide a name and password and that's it. Once you register, you'll be taken to a random design to vote so it's way faster if you back here and click on the links to my designs to vote. If you do, I will love you forever!

Once you rate my two designs you can see and vote for tons of others too. Let me know what you think.

Thanks so much! Oh, and thanks to everyone that already went to "vote" the last time. Voting hadn't started yet but you can go now and it will count this time! Thanks! You guys rock!


  1. Just voted! I'm so happy you entered! I made plans too...even sketched out a couple of designs...but never made it to the computer. whomp whomp. Hope you win!!!

    1. Thanks, Anna! It's not like you've been busy doing other things, sheesh ;)

  2. voted! i love the neon design- it's so stinking cute!
    good luck!!

  3. Lesley, Your designs are grrrreat and I especially like the first one! Before you get a bazillion printed though, I'd strongly advise you looking into the correct use of apostrophes, as I'm pretty confident there should not be one in The Andersons. The apostrophe as you have it indicates that they're in possession of something. I hesitate to even leave a comment like this, but I'm truly looking out for your best interest. I'm also no grammar/punctuation scholar so please double check... and let me know if I'm just WAY out of my league here! But seriously, I like your work and I will be voting for y-o-u!

    1. Thank you, Kelli. And, yes, I know. Total failure on the punctuation. Unfortunately, I can't fix it now. If that design places I'll be able to fix it but designers can't make changes during the voting process. Thank for pointing it out though. I should have a critique phase on the blog before I enter anything else!! That would have been awesome.


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