Oct 24, 2008

Camel Cricket Phobia

So, I have done some research but have found nothing on an actual phobia of camel crickets. I think there has to be one out there. It seems there are names for phobias of apparently anything and everything but the fear of camel crickets. I guess I should let you know why I am so interested in finding out the name of this phobia.

It all started the other night when Eric was gone hunting. I had cleaned up a bit and decided to try to make a dent in the mountain of our laundry pile. I pulled the basket from the dark, cool cedar closet to my brightly lit room. I dumped out the whole basket of clothes onto the floor so I could separate all the colors. I knelt down and grabbed a couple of shirts to fling to the "dark" pile when all of a sudden, a GIANT camel cricket jumped up to attack me. I don't mean to be overly dramatic, but seriously, the thing jumped right at me.

I know realize that I was home alone and there wasn't anyone to hear my screams, but that didn't stop me this particular night. The cricket jumped at me, I screamed at first in shock and then let out many screams of fright once I realized what jumped at me. I ran out of my bedroom, with clothes in hand and ran to the dining room. I couldn't tell where the cricket landed so my worst fear was that it was somewhere ON me. I threw the clothes on the ground and ran through the house screaming, shaking my head and convulsing my body in an attempt to shake the cricket off me and scare it away with my little school girls screams.

Once I realized the cricket wasn't on me a new fear set in...it was still in my bedroom. I immediately ran to the room, grabbed the door knob and flung the door shut. I then ran, screaming to the living room where I decided to wait until Eric got home so he could find it and kill it. I finally calmed down and decided I'd practice my guitar so I wouldn't be thinking of the monster cricket that might be in my bed now. Eric finally got home and I told him the enitre graphic story and led him to the room where this beast was locked up...only the door had somehow come open. I'm not putting it past the cricket to have somehow managed to get it open. So Eric's response was, "Well, how am I supposed to get it now? It could be anywhere." I guess if he had been home to witness the terrifying event, he might have chosen his words a little more wisely. We then went on a journey to find the hiding camel cricket. I say we, I mainly just followed behind making sure the thing was found. So after checking every little crevice in the bedroom, we came up empty.

I still fear the camel cricket is lurking in the house somewhere and have been living in fear the last few nights worrying every time I pick something up that the cricket will be back and might actually give me a heart attack next time!

All that to say there must be an actual phobia for these things. Now, when I was doing my research I did find out that the camel cricket can't actually hurt you as they have no teeth, fangs, poisionous anything, but I think they could literally scare someone to death. It seems they have very poor eyesight becuase they like living in cool, damp, dark places. You know, like basements, crawlspaces, etc. Anyway, since they have poor eyesight they jump directly at whatever is approaching in an effort to scare it away. Their defense mechanism works.

The photo at the top was not taken by me, I grabbed the link from this guy! (also posted about the phobia!)


  1. You couldn't have been that scared...you did after all get a pretty cool close up of the ugly thing

    1. Oh she could have been. I cried once because of one of those effers. Straight up bawled my eyes out, even after it was dead
      I do't care in the phobia doesn't have a name... i am phobic of Camel Crickets. Nuff said.

  2. I must clarify, that picture was not taken by me. I googled camel crickets and got that ugle things link.

  3. OMG!!!!! Is that was it is?!?!?!?! I knew it had to have a name....but how do you describe a gigantic jumping spider to google and your husband!!!! Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone with my phobia! We should start a support group--there is one in my garage!!!

  4. It must run in the family. I hate anything with more than 4 legs and is not a cat or dog. For some reason, screaming seems to help even if you are alone. Hope your dogs help better than Scooter, when I scream, she hides. Go figure.

  5. there must be a name for this phobia, because I have a paralyzing fear of these exact same crickets! when the page popped up with just the picture I was shaken for a sec...they live in my basement...they are mutants I tell you...

  6. Hey, it's very random that I found this webpage, but I too am horribly terrified of camel back crickets. It was an interesting read for the most part.

    What's so weird about my phobia is that I can PICK UP and touch/handle any other kind of cricket. Green, black, brown, but not camel. I freak out, panic, sweat, and loose hearing whenever i see one in person.

    Such a strange strange phenomenon

  7. Holy flippin cow, Joshua. I am the same way; any other cricket doesn't bother me a bit. But those those things do! My fear of these grotesque beasts has brought me to tears after encountering them, on more than one occasion!

    ...eeeww... I'm getting chills right now just thinking about it!

  8. I'm so glad to find out my phobia of these camel crickets is not me. I shutter and scream as well.
    Especially the first time you come across it and it jumps at you. That is why I think we are scared.
    The damn thing is jumping at you so we are traumatized. I think it's natural. I am getting good at throwing books on them until I kill them. I bought these bait to spread outside in the crevices. I don't think it helped. I did catch one in a sticky mouse trap. His antennae were so long, they were swaying in the air when I picked up the trap to dispose of it.
    I think we need to support each other and find a way to rid these things from coming into our home.
    Even my cats are afraid of them.
    Please write me, as I am 56 and live alone. Any advice on how to kill them besides, throwing books on them would be appreciated.
    I am in PA.

  9. I despise them. There are two things in this world I can't deal with - feces and camel crickets.

  10. OH EM GEE!! My house is 200 or so years old and these freaking camel crickets come in through the basement, and the crevices in the bottoms of the walls. We now have sticky glue traps in EVERY CORNER and crevice of our house...Every 5 minutes it seems we have to get a new trap because they just pour in. Well my mom, my sister, and I are TERRIFIED of these humongous beasts. I must add, when we moved in before we set up all the furniture in my room, my sister and I were exploring it. I walked over to a corner and there was cobwebs...I backed up and there I saw a HUGE camel cricket in the corner. OMG I thought it was a strange mutated JUMPING SPIDER. :O I feel silly because I was like OH EM GEE MOM THERES A JUMPING SPIDER IN HERE AAAHH! Lol. I threw a shoe and it randomly jumped and bounced back off the wall (?) which made me scream. My dad came in and stepped on it and well...that was that. Lol. But seriously, I can't casually walk through my kitchen without frantically looking this way and that for a camel cricket. UGH. I hate those grotesque beasts.

  11. i developed a phobia of crickets about 8 years ago when i had tree frogs as pets. it got so bad i had to eventually get rid of the frogs because feedings them was horrifing. i live alone now in the bottom story of an old house/apt. these camel back crickets have been a problem for almost 4years now since i moved in. the basement is like an old dungeon and i never go down there. it's constantly wet and they come up in the bathroom and usually hide in the shower curtain until i stumble in half awake in the morning.
    i'm so affraid of them i can't even kill them. i bought a special vaccuum and super killing spray to stun them the suck them up. i have seen them get to be a little bigger than a golf ball. i used to hardcore bomb my house and the basement but they would come back within a few months. they come from very damp areas so if you have a severe infestation like i do, i would recommend some kind of excavation to dry the area in or around your house. i however rent and thank god my 3rd and final cat is a super-huntress kitty. she kills them, unlike the other wussy cats that play with them, and leaves them dead for me in the middle of my living room.
    so in closing, if you rent or cannot renovated your home, find a stray kitten that likes to hunt bugs. my life is so much better without these horrible creatures silently jumping at me.

  12. Camel Crickets also known as cave crickets are blind or close to it....

    Their nature is to jump AT you to scare you (or the predator) thus escaping...

    I know EXACTLY how I developed my fear of the nasty things, they lived in our basement of the house I grew up in. Of a night in the dark they would jump on and at anything that moved and my bedroom was in the basement... (shudder) the light switch for my bedroom was 15 feet from my bed and they used to jump me as I headed from the switch to the bed (it got to the point I slept with the light on so I could at least SEE them coming at me)

    The way we got rid of them was with boric acid (not sure of the spelling) but ONLY if you have no pets and no small children... you put lines of the stuff along every wall, window, counter top, crevice, and leave it there for a month (sometimes 2 months... it has to be INSIDE the house as the rain will just wash it away...

    Also in a basement or damp area the boric acid + a dehumidifier will completely get rid of them.

  13. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad I'm not alone!! Thanks for all the comments, I feel much better about my phobia!

    Joshua & Crystal, I'm kind of the same in that other crickets don't bother me either. Bring on the green ones and brown ones, but please not the camels!

    Lisa, I'm proud you were able to pick the sticky paper up with the thing still alive. I would never have trusted the glue to hold! :) Sadly, I have no idea how to kill them, I can't get close enough to step on them because I'm usually running the opposite direction! Check out Cyn's comment though.

    Cyn, I almost wish I didn't have pets so I could use boric acid!!

    Alexis, I really feel for you. I don't know what I'd do if they were lurking in my shower - probably never bathe again! j/k

    Seriously everyone, your comments crack me up and bring a sense of normalcy to my fear!

  14. these nasty things are living in my basement! i am absolutly terrified of them and have actualy had a nightmare about them. one time i thought i has stepped on one and i was releaved when i found out it was glass!

  15. if you do not have small kids or pets "Boric Acid" in powder form will get rid of them. AFTER you get them gone run dehumidifiers to dry up the air and they will not come back.

  16. I am absolutely horrified of these crickets. Literally. I have an infestation of these devil crickets. I literally have to have xanax to be in my house now. I don't know how to kill them. Does anyone know how to kill them? Please let me know if anyone can help me. I have a cat so I can't use boric acid. Someone please help me.

  17. Ugh. I used to have a problem with these foul beasts in a couple homes I've lived in. I hated getting into the shower in the morning only to find one clinging to the inside of the shower curtain. One night I was lying in bed about to fall asleep, when I felt something in my hair. I furiously brushed my hand through my hair, sat up, and turn on the light. I looked down, and there was a huge camel cricket on my pillow, staring right at me. It had been in my hair!!!

  18. thank you for scaring the living s*** out of me when the page loaded. and yes there should be a support group.

  19. it's great to know other people are annoyed/terrified of these camel crickets... they hover around the lower part of my house during the night hours which isn't good for someone like me who suffers from insomnia... they're so hard to kill sometimes... I once threw a shoe at 1 and it seriously looked dead for about 2 mins but then started twitching itself back on it's legs... I think the worst experience was when I was taking my laundry back up to my room, I didn't even notice that 1 was just hanging on my arm... x_x way too close!

  20. Someone really just needs to make up a name for this phobia. Because I know I have it, like everybody else on this page probably. I live on the bottom level of an apt. complex and have had trouble the last 2 months. I've set out glue traps, which have caught 3. But today, I opened my linen closet, reached for a towel...and one jumped on my arm. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Then I saw it on the carpet, I went to get a shoe for 2 seconds and then couldn't find it. It literally brought me to tears that I couldn't find it to kill the demon. Now I'm sure I will walk around in a state of paranoia until I find it or it's stuck on the glue trap.

  21. I am really glad to know I am not alone. I flee in panic at tge sight of them. That is usually followed by paralysis and tears. I know they are harmless but I am so afraid of them. They simply cannot be allowed to touch me. We just moved into an older house with crawl space and floor vents, so 2-3 sightings a week were common (usually dead because my cat would find them first). But last night one just crawled up infront of us while we were watching a movie and I of course freaked. Then while trying to read myself to sleep I reached over to set my booklight on the nightstand and saw a dark splotch on the floor that looked spiderish... I froze, managed to inch the light to it... yep, another one and I watched helplessly as I crawled under the bed. I had to go pee and zo I carefully, with flash light on smartphone, leaped out of bed just to encounter another one on my way to the bathroom. It was in the dining room munching on a dead one. How do I deal with this? I have a cat so I can't just start slinging chemicals. Scared and desparate.

  22. If you have 1 you have 500

  23. These little hopping demons used to cover my porch at nighttime. Literally thousands would cover my carpeted porch as well as prowl around the side and the walkway. I would yell at my front door until my dad would come and scare them away while he held the door open i would take a running jump into my house while almost hyperventilating. This was my child hood. Yay memories...

    I feel their presence! I fear it is driving me mad... I sound irrational but they know what they're doing when they flick up in the air trying to hit me! I have to dodge at any moment!!

  25. At 1 AM I closed the bathroom door, made my way in and then realized... I had mistakenly trapped myself into a prison cell with the tiny relentless beast. My instincts activated my body to seek refuge at any place higher than the floor, where it roamed ready to silently jump onto me. It was too late in the night to scream for help from anyone. From the seat, then to the edge of the bathtub while holding onto the shower curtain pole, I made it to the top of the sink and I was close enough to reach and gently unlock the door and jump out to safety.

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