Aug 28, 2014

west elm local + recipe for crazy

It all started a couple months ago when I got a call from the good people of West Elm. That feels just as crazy to write it as it did when I got the call. I had been contacted about potentially having some of my designs at the new Oklahoma City and Tulsa stores. I was on cloud nine!

After weeks of conversations, prepping and filling out forms, I was on my way to deliver some postcards to the OKC store. It was a bit surreal walking in and handing them my work knowing people would be seeing and hopefully buying it in West Elm!!!

Then yesterday I got to take a tour of the new Tulsa store before it opened and was able to see my designs on their local display. So crazy and so cool. My work is now in a West Elm next door to Anthropology in OKC and at Utica Square right here in Tulsa. Pinch me.

I have liked West Elm for a while but didn't fall in love with the brand until yesterday. Every person I have met through West Elm has made me feel like family. They were passionate about the stories behind their products, enthusiastic about supporting local and handmade and just fun to be around. I'm so excited and proud to be part of their local assortment and honored to be among so many talented local makers.

And having this handsome fella by my side last night made the celebrating all the better. I'm so thankful to have his support and encouragement and thankful for you all of you guys too. Hugs to all.

Aug 25, 2014

Be Crafty : Nebraska!

Happy Monday friends!

Remember when I said there were some fun things coming up? Well hop on over to Amanda's post to hear all about a little Be Crafty event coming to Nebraska this October!

I'll be there. Amanda will be there. A whole lot of pretty crafty stuff will be there. So don't miss out. Registration opens today and seats are limited.

Hope to see you soon!

Aug 21, 2014

Can you can, can, can?

Well, as a matter of fact, I do. Can that is. And I love it. I sometimes feel like an old lady picking things from our garden & then canning them for later but I'm totally fine with that. I really enjoy it and you know, it pretty hip to can these days. Haven't you heard all the kids talking about it? No? Well the older kids are and they're even having canning parties like back in the old days.

Take my girl Natalie, aka "nataliecreates," she's the cutest thing I've ever seen. She has a farm, a garden, she crafts, she blogs, she cooks, she has her own business, she cans - I mean, really, what doesn't the girl do?  She is just as inspiring as person as she seems online.

I had the privilege of meeting her at the Be Crafty OK event a wile back and have been a fan of hers ever since. She just has this way about her that screams joy & comfort.

So I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when the amazing Nats asked me to assist her at her first ever canning workshop at her adorable farm. And though we'd only met in real life once before, it's like we've been friends for life as soon as I walked through her door. Such a great feeling. I mean, to be honest, it felt like home. It was dreamy. I didn't take enough pictures during the workshop, as I was busy helping, so go check her post to see more fun from the day.

But in between helping score tomatoes, wash dishes and chat with the sweetest ladies ever that attended, I managed to snap a couple phone pics.

Have you ever watched How I met your mother? If yes, you'll appreciate this.

I posted this on Instagram with the caption, "today has been legend, wait for it, dary." You're welcome.

Each lady walked away with a jar of canned herbed tomatoes, a fun trifting adventure, a fully belly from the amazing goodness of Kara of arch+craft, a bag full-O-swag and new friendships to last a lifetime.

Thank you, Natalie, for welcoming me into your home & for hosting a fun event at your darling farm. Love you to bits. Can't wait to see what's up next for your farm!!!

Aug 7, 2014

a little update

Hello friends. I realize not all of you are on instagram and have been wondering where I've been since my last post. First off, thank you all so much for your love and support. I read every single comment on that post, mostly with tears in my eyes, and I can't say thank you enough. You guys have blessed and encouraged me so much.

So here's the picture I posted on July 25th on instagram as little update.

Here's what I wrote:

"Ice cream has healing powers. Especially Baskin-Robbins rainbow sherbet - my fave. Also. I haven't really shared anything about the miscarriage since my blog post on Ghana for personal reasons. And I have wrestled with sharing this news today but since you guys have been on this journey with me - here goes. Long story short: my doctor determined the pregnancy was ectopic just after I posted about the miscarriage, we have been trying to avoid surgery the last 2 weeks & attempting other treatment options, then, last night the tube ruptured causing me to go to the ER, and by this afternoon I was in surgery having the damaged tube removed. Now I'm back home with my hideous house shoes, trying to rest & enjoying a healthy dose of sherbet and saltines. I'm so exhausted from it all but am thanking God for guiding the hands of my doctors and getting me through it all. And also so very thankful for the support of my amazing family & fiends. And more sherbet."

To say the least, it's been a rough few weeks but I'm finally on the mend and getting back in the routine of day to day fun. My friend, Haverlee, shared about a devotional she's been going through, Streams in the Desert, and I've been soaking it up. If you are going through a tough time, or know someone who is, I encourage you to read it. Here's an excerpt that I've been thinking on:

So good.

I also have to say how very thankful I am for family because it was my girl's fourth birthday the day after I left the hospital. It was so hard not being able to shower her with love and fun the entire day because I needed to heal and rest a little but I did get to spend some quality time with her and my family came to the rescue and celebrated her life the rest of the day. They also pulled together to throw her an amazing Frozen birthday party the next day - thankfully I got to be there and love on her too.

So that's a bit of what I've been up to. I hope to be back in this space soon to share more because there are some really exciting things coming up! Until then, you can catch me on instagram, @lesleyzellers, where I post a lot more.

Thanks again for your support friends. I love you guys.