Apr 28, 2010

My Dog (and husband) in TulsaPeople!

In case you missed it...check out who's on the homepage of TulsaPeople.com...under "Online Exclusives"

And, they appeared on page 8 of the magazine!!
I think I may need to pick up a copy and have them autograph it!!

Apr 12, 2010

Midtown Gardening

The garden is in full swing and already producing more than my husband and I can eat!! Here are a few pics of the progress:

The homemade container systems:

These have onions and spinach in one, radishes with butterhead lettuce mix in another and the third has radishes with kale and arugula.
Garden Time! Onions and Spinach - 59/365

One month later they look like this:
Onions and Spinach
Mixed Greens in a Container Garden - 90/365

Two months after planting we had to thin the buckets and we had a baby green salad of fresh kale, arugula, spinach and leaf lettuce.
Homegrown Baby Greens! - 94/365

And some of the radishes are ready to add to the salad!
Homegrown Radishes

With all that healthiness, this pregnant lady needed a sweet treat!

Homemade Strawberry Pancakes - 100/365
We made strawberry pancakes from scratch, with sliced strawberries and homemade whipped cream on top! And, I had a delicious Topeca latte to go with it...is your mouth watering yet!?

Apr 6, 2010

Tulsa's BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie

Well, the great Tulsa cookie debate started as a fun way to celebrate my husband's birthday week. He doesn't like cakes and didn't want any presents for his birthday, he just wanted to go fishing. So, I tried to think of something fun to do for him each day during the week of his birthday to celebrate.

I decided to bring him chocolate chip cookies (his absolute favorite dessert) from all around the Tulsa area each day of the week. I then polled my friends on the best cookie in town via twitter with the simple question, "Where can I find the BEST choc. chip cookie in Tulsa?" Due to the great and varied response, I had more places to get cookies from than a week could handle! So, I decided I'd get cookies from 2 places a day and my husband would have to judge each cookie on 3 things: taste, texture and appearance. Thus, ending up with what HE thinks is Tulsa's BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie! His coworkers also got involved in the tasting and voting!!

Day 1: Old School Bagel and Blue Moon Bakery

Old School Bagel got the most recommendations via twitter. They had 3 different chocolate chip cookie options the day I went in: Hershey Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Walnut Dark Chocolate. Of these 3, the basic Hershey cookie got the least favorable reviews.

Old School Bagel - Hershey Chocolate Chunk:
OOSB OatmealSB Hershey Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Old School Bagel - Oatmeal Pecan:OSB Oatmeal Pecan Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Old School Bagel - Oatmeal Walnut:OSB Oatmeal Walnut Dark Chocolate Cookie

Blue Moon Bakery - Chocolate Chip
Blue Moon Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie

The results of Day 1 = Blue Moon Bakery wins all 3 categories: taste, texture and appearance.

Day 2: Ann's Bakery and Merritt's Bakery

These are close to work and I love both baker's cakes so I had to get their cookies.

Ann's Bakery - Chocolate Chip:
Ann's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Merritt's Bakery - Chocolate Chip:
Merritt's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Day 2 Results: Merritt's Bakery Wins all 3 categories. Merritt's is also winner over Blue Moon Bakery.

Day 3: Caramel and Felini's

Caramel also rated high among twitter recommendations. Their cookie was great, just a little too overcooked to some of the judges' liking.

Caramel - Chocolate Chip:
Caramel's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Felini's - Chocolate Chip:
Felini's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Day 3 Results: Caramel's cookie wins all 3 categories for the day but Merritt's is still overall winner of the week. (Caramel did have an oatmeal coconut cookie that was phenomenal but, it didn't have chocolate chips, had it, there might have been a different result)

Day 4: Doubletree Hotel

I knew Doubletree ranked high on my husband's list so I had to get him an entire tin. They even gave me my own cookie so he wouldn't have to share!

Doubletree Hotel - Chocolate Oatmeal Pecan
Doubletree's Chocolate Chip Cookie

Day 4 Results: Doubletree is outright winner for the entire week and is therefore awarded the title of Tulsa's BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie!! However, the winner of classic chocolate chip cookie (no extras) goes to Merritt's Bakery.

When all is said and done, my husband had a fun birthday week and got to try A LOT of chocolate chip cookies. But, he did tell me that none of the cookies even compared to the homemade cookies my sister makes. You would think he had enough cookies by now...oh no! Not when Ashley makes them. My sister brought him an entire plate of chocolate chip cookies for his birthday to Easter dinner and he finished them all off after only 2 days!!!

Tulsa's Real Cookie Winner: Ashley's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
AshleyAnn's Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie

Lesson learned: instead of spending time, gas and money driving all over Tulsa to bakeries for cookies, just pay my sister to make some next year. It will undoubtedly save time and money and end up with a much more satisfied birthday boy!!

Hope you've enjoyed the post as much as we enjoyed tasting all the cookies! Leave me a comment on what your favorite Tulsa cookie is...the contest continues!

UPDATE: I forgot to rank these in order of best to worst so here goes: Ashley Ann's Homemade cookies, Doubletree, Caramel's oatmeal coconut, Merritt's Bakery, Caramel's chocolate chip, Blue Moon Bakery,  Old School's Oatmeal Pecan, Ann's, Old School's oatmeal walnut, Felini's and finally, Old School's chocolate chunck.