Sep 24, 2018

Update on the Land(s)

Well, I am hoping to clear up some confusion about recent posts on instagram regarding our current land situation and catch up on the last year since writing this post about putting the house building on hold and pursing a different dream.

I posted something on my stories a while back when we were out walking around some land and mentioned that it would be our future driveway. Then the messages started pouring in asking what was going on and realized I hadn't shared about anything that's happened in over a year. Oops. Sorry, didn't mean to leave you guys hanging, there's just been a lot happen since then and it's hard to share those snippets on instagram - too much to tell. So here we go.

First time driving around the new land.

I'm going to try to condense everything to make it quick.

First, update on Eric's job as a Land Agent.

He loves it and it's the perfect fit. His office is the outdoors and I couldn't be happier for him. Don't get me wrong, the first 4 months were super had as we all had to adjust to a whole new way of life.  Our routines were tossed out the door and the financial burden of starting a new business, ugh - it was all so much and so fast. I cried. A lot. But it didn't kill us and any dream worth chasing is worth walking, crawling and fighting through the hard times. It's now been over a year since we took that leap of faith and God has been so, so good to us. Good beyond anything I could have imagined!

We recently decided to walk through another open door where he left the agency he was with to start his own Land real estate company, "Zellers Land & Home"! Pretty sure he's a 3 on the enneagram because he is so brave, confident and just goes after things! I'm so proud of him and excited for this new opportunity and I'm learning to just throw my hands up and enjoy the wild ride of it all.

Next, the land.
Well, first things first, we are not building on "Our Land" after all. We still have it and love it but will not be moving there. And I'm actually pretty okay with it.


Because next up, we bought new land.

Crazy, right. I won't go into a whole lot of details but it was a total answer to prayer. Eric's high school buddy mentioned he saw some land for sale, Eric looked at, his crazy engineering brain started whizzing and before I knew it, we were the proud owners. It was originally 80 but he split some of it up and we'll actually build on 20 of it and sell the other tracts. I mean, it's just crazy even typing that. Our Pond Land, is just under 12. You guys. Go back to my 2013 post when we first bought the land.

It is CRAZY to look back over the last 5 years. 5 years of dreaming big, saying yes, WAITING, walking through doors, taking new risks, saying yes, WAITING, putting dreams on hold while dreaming new dreams, WAITING, saying yes and you guys, maybe this time we'll actually build on some land. haha. We're actually going out next week to lay out where the house will go! This new land, you guys, it's so beautiful. I'll share more as we move forward but wanted to let you know what's going on.

So far we have cleared all tracts, cleared the area for the road, had rocks brought in for the road and asphalt millings put down. The waterline is happening now and next up clear the home site. A lot can happen in a year. haha

And a lot can happen when you choose one little word for your year. Read where it all began here.

As for our Pond Land, we'll likely sell it as we get closer to building. It will be bittersweet, I'm sure but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Next up, I'll update you why I closed my Etsy shop and didn't tell anyone.