Nov 23, 2009

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

Long time no post! I could blame it on being busy, but since my sister has 4 kids and updates her blog daily, I thought it best not to blame it on that. Instead, I'll go for just laziness!

So here are a few pics from the last time I posted. I had a conference with work that sent me to Cincinnati, Ohio. I talked Eric into joining me, he did not enjoy the flight:

But, once we landed, we were off to a fun weekend.

We walked all over downtown.
Buildings Downtown Cincinnati

Saw the Bengals stadium while they were practicing.
Aerial of Downtown Cincinnati - Bengals Stadium

And headed over to Newport, Kentucky - via the "Purple People Bridge".
The Purple People Bridge - Ohio/Kentucky

And, since Eric is part German, we decided to try out a cool German restaurant called Hofbrauhaus. This is our German sampler, featuring fried zucchini, soft pretzels, potato pancakes and sauerkraut balls. I liked the pretzels and zucchini.

German Sampler at Hofbräuhaus - Newport

And, this is Eric dancing with a German woman. I asked him what they talked about and he said he had no idea because she didn't speak English! Apparently she did a lot of "ooooohing."

I had conferences all day but we ventured out to Oktoberfest during my lunch break - the world's second largest Oktoberfest was going on the weekend we were there. 500,000 people in a 7 block area and our hotel opened up to the heart of it all! It was nutty, even at 12pm!

Some sites we saw:
Bratwurst at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati
Oktoberfest Zinzinnati 2009

And, the crowd from above:
Aerial of Downtown Cincinnati - Oktoberfest

I had a blast and I think Eric had fun too, just not so much the airplane part!