a photo a week challenge for a year by me and Anna

It can be hard to keep your mind creative decided to challenge our creativity by taking a photo each week of the same word for an entire year. Every Friday one of us will choose a theme, or word to interpret and post it on our blog. We will each have the weekend to think on it, photograph it, draw it, make it, whatever we want to do to represent that word and then we will each post our interpretations on Monday. We hope you'll join us in the challenge and link up each week!

week 1
Twist - week 1

week 2
CrazyJoy = patient

week 3
CrazyJoy = fascinate

week 4
CrazyJoy = Forbidden

week 5
CrazyJoy = Comparison

week 6
crazyjoy = mysterious

week 7

week 8
crazyjoy = renewed

week 9
crazyjoy = laugh

week 10
crazyjoy = celebrate

week 11
crazyjoy = jam

week 12
crazyjoy = historic

week 13
crazyjoy = carry

week 14
crazyjoy = orange

week 15
crazyjoy = labor

week 16
crazyjoy = young

week 17
crazyjoy = rock

week 18
crazyjoy = attack

week 19
crazyjoy = fuel

week 20
crazyjoy = assembly

week 21
crazyjoy = wish
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