Sep 3, 2008

Fishing at Skiatook

Well, it's been a while but I think I've passed my other kidney stone! Yea!

So we went to the lake on Labor Day and had a BLAST watching my nephews fish! They really got into it. From picking out the worm, cranking the reel, to holding up their catches, they had no fear. I remember when dad took me and my sister fishing when we were little and I don't quite remember wanting to touch the bait! Boys will be boys. So here are some fun shots of the boys on the boat. The last one is of Hudson with a fish stuck on his finger! Dad was showing him how to lip the fish to hold it up when Hudson decided to shove his finger down the fish's mouth. The fish clamped on, Hudson screamed and waved it around and Ashley, his mom, nearly flew off the boat trying to avoid the flying fish. Wish I could of got a shot of that! Hope you all had a great Labor Day.


  1. Fun pics...Corbett said, "Woah!" when he saw the pic of him jumping. We need to do it again


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