Jul 31, 2010

Paisley has Arrived!!!

UPDATE: More pics added.

My life is forever changed. My baby girl was born on Monday, July 26. And after several days of being home and adjusting to life as a mom, I can say being a mom is the best ever.

Paisley made her arrival on her time. I had contractions off and on for a week and then Sunday morning starting having them regularly! They came in hour intervals for several hours so I started trying everything in the book to speed things along, from walking the dogs, to doing exercises and finally landed on playing Guitar Hero. The husband and I rocked it out for like 3 hours until I couldn't make it through a single song without having a contraction! The bag was packed and we were off to the hospital.

Last shot of me before we left the house

I called my parents and sister and Eric called his family. Within 30 minutes everyone was at the hospital and I was well on my way to delivering a baby for the very first time! Check out my sister's blog for a glimpse on how the day shook out for her. It's an amazing post.

Here are some more pics she got that day:

Eric's grandma and aunt and my mom entertaining themselves in the waiting room!

Like I said, Paisley took her own time making her debut so my dad took a minute to rest his eyes.          

Thank goodness for epidurals!

 One of my favorite pics from the day!
My new family!

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  1. Paisley is so cute and I am looking forward to watching her grow. Another great addition to our growing family.


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