Jan 10, 2011

Ooh laa laa...I Got!

So my dad is pretty much the best! I wrote a post about wanting this awesome cabinet I found online and made a joke about knowing someone that could build it. Total joke. I never imagined that when I posted it my dad would get to work to build it for me. But that's just what he did.

Christmas Eve we always open presents at my parents house. When my sister and I were younger, our parents would wrap a clue that would lead us through the house looking for other clues that would eventually lead us to our 'big" present. The scavenger hunt was brought back this year for my drawers.

The last clue was a book my dad made. Here are a couple of the pages.

And this one nearly brought tears to my eyes.

So, I turned around to see this.

It wasn't quite finished yet, my dad left it unstained so I could pick out the stain I liked.

And here's the finished piece!!!

My dad free-handed all the letters and my grandpa, who is also an amazingly skilled craftsman, cut out all the letters with his scroll saw. I think it's pretty awesome and a piece of furniture I will cherish for all of time!

Dad even sealed this in the bottom of the L.

Thank you SO much dad and grandpa!!


  1. OH MY GOSH! I know you talked about this at lunch but it's still amazing! You have a WONDERFUL dad and grandpa! It looks soo good!

  2. That just about made ME tear up too! Your family is so amazing and wonderfully talented. :)

  3. Wow, your dad and grandpa are amazing craftsman! WHat a wonderful gift! Love the clue book they gave you!

  4. That is wonderful! Not just the piece itself (which is A...MAZING!) but the whole story behind it!! What an awesome family! Yay for you guys!

  5. Um, this is even better than the original! How awesome!

  6. Truly a piece to treasure for your lifetime!

  7. Wow, I knew your Dad and Grandpa were good, but, this is over the top. I want one now!!! Don't think I can work my Brother (your Dad) the way you do. lol
    It looks awesome!!!

  8. that is so awesome
    your family is very talented.
    daddy's are great. i can see my dad trying to figure something liket that out if he saw me post something like that. he doesn't check my blog because he isn't very into computers. :)
    he did an amazing job though
    what a treasure

  9. This is so incredible- what a sweet & kind dad you have! I love it! The piece is to-die for!


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