Jan 12, 2012

All About My Sweet P

As my due date approaches, less than 11 weeks to go, I'm trying to take in every moment with my little Sweet P that I can.

We shop, picnic, meet daddy to feed the ducks and just enjoy our time together.



She's a lot like her momma, in many ways.

She has been inherited my inability to sit still when music comes on, love of laughter and a serious love for donuts.


She's also a lot like her daddy.

She thrives in the cold, she has the most gorgeous eyes and isn't afraid to get a little dirty.


She loves to be outside and she recently got to walk our little dog for the first time. The kid oozes joy!


She oozes joy a lot and is getting big so fast. We tried piggie-tails for the first time, she insists on doing most things by herself, she can rock massive headbands, neon and sunglasses - at the same time, she loves to color and she's getting more and more independent every day.

All of a sudden, my little sweet P turned into a full-out child.


She's a riot to be around and although I will miss our time together just the 3 of us, I'm pretty excited to watch her continue to grow and become an awesome big sister.

We love you little Sweet P.


  1. Sweet p walking the dog is adorable. Cute pictures!

  2. She is so pretty. Daddy is going to have to join the DADD club (Dad's Against Daughters Dating). The slogan is, "Shoot the first one and the news will spread." Hahaha it makes me think of Ben since he likes to hunt so I thought you and Eric would like that!

  3. She is beautiful and will be such a good big sister!

  4. This post is so sweet. She looks so happy walking the dog!

  5. Such a sweet girl! She is going to be an awesome big sister. Do you know what you are having yet (maybe your keeping it a secret!) or will it be a surprise?

  6. AWE what a sweetie! I can't remember, did you announce if you are having a boy or girl yet?


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