Apr 8, 2013

Tenacious A's First Birthday

Here's a little recap of how we celebrated my youngest's first birthday.

The start of celebrating came the day before her actual birthday at the donut shop.

Most of you know that I have a little Friday tradition called "Friday Donut Dates" with my oldest. For those of you that didn't know about this, most Friday mornings we find a donut shop, doesn't always have to been the same one, she picks out her donut and then we sit and eat and chat. I usually snap a picture of her at some point in the process.

Anyway, all that to say Little Sister has been along to watch for a year now but has never been allowed her own donut.

Until her birthday.


There's also another tradition in our family that my great-grandparents started - Birthday Donuts. We all, and by all I mean a good chunk of my immediate family, meet at the donut shop, everyone gets to pick out their own donuts and then we sing the Happy Birthday to the birthday boy/girl.


It's a fun tradition and I think my Little Miss was ready for her donut after a year of watching.



We did some celebrating at home with our girl and then we had her party the following weekend.

First party invitation

I like to make the first birthday a little extra special and kind of go all out, for me anyway. Since Easter was the previous weekend I hit up the stores for all the discounted candy and decorations - it was going to be a spring birthday so why not save a little!!

Anyway, I made some food and had a little spread. I also ordered a custom banner from my friend, Heather's shop, CMHandmade. I think it looked perfect with the spread. You may remember it from the pictures my sister recently took for her one year photos.


Oh, and I made these things again but went with springy colors!


Anyway, the highlight of the party came when it was time for the birthday girl to dig into her cake.

We sang happy birthday.


And this happened.


I wish I could embed the video because she seriously sat like that for at least 10 full seconds. I even cut the cake in half and she barely moved.


Finally, she came up for air.


Not for long though.


I eventually took the cake away and she let me know about it.

She opened a few presents and that was that.


First birthday party in the books.


Happy Birthday to my sweet, awesome girl.

And thank you to everyone that celebrated her day with us, whether at the party, by email, text or instagram, whatever, we so appreciate you and you made our girl's day so very special!


  1. Love the birthday cake pictures!

  2. first off, happy birthday ava!

    second off, welcome to the donut club.

    also, i'll let you in on one of my biggest secrets - i'm not a huge donut fan. i just think they look WAY prettier than they taste.
    BUT, following along on all your donut dates makes me so happy, and in my head, i LOVE donuts.
    i also want to be in your family.
    and share your grandparents.

    what a beautiful, happy post this is!

  3. Precious! I'm so jealous that she went for the cake! We're hoping our next girl does, since our oldest just pinched a piece off and made a face :) I love CM handmade and asked for a sisters banner for the girls' room!

  4. I want some cookies!! Love her party, looks like she had a good time.

  5. I love everything about this post! Her Great Grandma with the iphone (seriously impressed), your husband wearing an OSU shirt, her adorable dress, the awesome party, donut dates, the gorgeous cake! What a great party!

  6. Happy birthday Ava!! Congrats on your first donut!

  7. You guys are beautiful! So, my husbands family lived in Tulsa. on Saturday morning, we would go to the Daylight Donuts and pick out donuts.... I decided Tulsa has the absolute best donuts. True Story.

  8. Wish I could have been there!! Looks like a blast!


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