Oct 4, 2013

Everyone Wins

Thank you for all the entries and birthday wishes on the calendar giveaway post! Last night I randomly selected a winner...


Comment number 45 - come on down.

If you are Amanda, and you said,
"Happy Birthday :) Love your prints!! I bought one for my brother earlier this year," 
shoot me an email with your info and I'll get those TWO calendars out asap!

And since tomorrow is my birthday - let's all celebrate with a major discount in my shop! How does 32% OFF sound? Not sure where I came up with that number, maybe it's lucky maybe that's how old I'll be tomorrow - who knows ;) So enjoy 32% off today through Sunday with the code MAKEAWISH at checkout.

Here's a little math to help for this early Friday morning.

Have an awesome Friday and thanks again for all the sweet birthday wishes!


  1. when i turned 32 a few years ago, it was life-changing. ever since then i've been convinced that there is something special about turning 32...hope your year of 32 is as fantastic as mine was, and more!

  2. You are an artist and you do math?! Whaaaaa? :)

  3. Happy Birthday. Sure hope you had a good one.

  4. Happy Birthday! and thanks for the coupon code - I just went and put in my order, I can't wait to hang the prints in my daughter's room!


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