Apr 11, 2014

10 on 10

Since I'm a serious blogger these days, yesterday was the 10th so there's this thing called 10 on 10 where you take 10 pictures throughout the day. My sweet friend, Rebekah (one of the awesome gals I met in Arizona) hosts this link up thing to share your tens.

Here are my 10.

6:30 - morning person like her daddy, morning hair like her mommy

8 - Thursday donut date with great-grandparents

11:30 - lunch with my ladies - because we were all craving Mexican food

12:30 - little window washers helping clean the old house

1:30 - taking pictures of the old house to list online

2:30 - dirty face from playing in the backyard while I took pictures inside

3:30 - picking up new prints from my printer man with a sleeping girl in the back while the other watches frozen 

4:30 - chicken duties

5:30 - watering the garden and kiddos

And 6:30 - dinner - quick and easy chicken salad sandwiches with a side of fruit

Happy Friday friends! For the fun of Friday and a new print in the shop - use code FRIDAYFUNDAY for 30% your total order from my shop. Ends at midnight.

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  1. i never knew that 10 on 10 was because it was the 10th. it all makes so much sense now.


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