Dec 30, 2014

Saturday recap - on a Tuesday

Insert the squinty eyes here.

It's just like me to decide to do a recap and be late on posting. Oh well. Better late than never. I blame it on the holidays.

So here's the last week...

It was a week of Christmas party dancing, bunk bed assembling, Bible reading, whole30 eating (even though I'm a drop out, I still keep trying), pom pom trimming by the girls, Rhema light viewing, new hen laying, Christmas Training, deviled egg making, dog sitting, present opening, lego building, more present opening, rejoicing, prime rib eating, more lego building, hutch building, sledding, snow jumping, snow man building and land loving.

Not to mention the melt downs, forced napping, laundry doing and all the other not so glamorous things.

It was a week for the books!

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