Dec 9, 2015

Batman smells freebie

Yesterday I posted this photo to instagram:

Batman smells

with this caption:

I used today's #sketchaday_penandpaint prompt "jingle bells" as an excuse to update the boy's art in his room with a little Christmas cheer - because according the the boys in my family (ahem @underthesycamore , I'm looking at you 👀) these are the lyrics to jingle bells. May as well get used to it early! #sketchadaywithlrz #recipeforcrazy

Several people commented that they would like the print as well. So, I scanned it in and have it ready for you as a free PDF download!

Click here for your file.

And speaking of the sketch-a-day challenge, if you've been keeping up, the challenge has grown quite a bit. What started out as a challenge to myself has become quite a bit more! I asked a couple of my artists friends to continue the challenge after I had my baby in October because so many people were enjoying the daily prompts to draw.

My friend, Lori, who always thinks a lot bigger than I do, said, 1. yes I'll do a month and then 2. what if we found other artists and did it for a whole year!? So I asked some friends, as did she, and I'm so excited to announce the sketch-a-day for a YEAR challenge. There will be a different artist leading a month for all of 2016! I cannot even believe some of the artists that said yes to hosting a month!! You are seriously going to freak out. But I'll share those details another day.

So if you're thinking, 'an entire year? I couldn't do it for an entire month, or even a week for that matter!' Don't worry. This is not meant to stress you out so if you miss a day, or week or month even, just pick up where you can when you can. The point is, "BIG THINGS HAPPEN ONE DAY AT A TIME."

To make it easy to track your goal, I found this awesome little printable over at It's only $4 and comes in several sizes that you can print off at home or on super massive paper at a print shop. I think I'll print the massive one and hang it in my office.


Here's the idea behind her project, "
...the idea was each day that you did something (I chose exercise) you got to check off the day. 
The goal was to "fill it in." 

But the lesson I learned was to "keep going." 

Who cared if I missed a day, or even a week? When I stepped back a bit to see the whole year at once, any day that had been checked off looked like progress. I just wanted to fill in what I could, celebrate what had been done and keep looking forward.

I love that! The lesson learned was to "KEEP GOING." You can get the files here.

And if sketching isn't your thing, I think this chart is awesome for anything. You want to drink water every day? Check it off. Excercise every day? Check. Not cuss every day? Check it off. Read every day? Check it.

I'm challenging you to challenge yourself in some way next year. A double-challenge. And just see what happens! I'd love for you to share how you plan on using the tracker, if you do.

So batman smells and let's draw together for a year in 2016!


  1. Thank you so much! My kids are going to LOVE this print.

  2. I think I'll take on that challenge! I love your humour by the way! :)


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