Jun 7, 2017

The Great Swimsuit Saga of 2017

Before I begin, I have to say thank you to my gal, Jessie of Jessie Leigh Photography! You are a wonder woman with your camera & your MIL is the best for letting us have a swim party at her house. So no, friends, this amazing pool is not mine, although you may see me trying to crash it all summer!

Also, this is me saying, "there's nothing awkward about standing by a donut in a swimsuit while someone takes your picture." haha.Totally natural, my friends.

Totally natural.

Anyway, back to the post and how about that for a non-dramatic ;) but if you have been following me on instagram, in particularly my stories regarding finding the right swimsuit this year, you know I was having a hard time.

I first started looking for a new swimsuit several months ago & posted this:

"lesleyzellersMatchy-matchy. Also, question: where can I find a swimsuit? I need a new suit this year & have spent too much time searching the interests for one that suits me 🥁 ching! 😆. Here's the thing, I like getting in the pool with my kids, racing, jumping off the diving board & horsing around, thus, a two-piece or strapless one piece is out of the question. I don't want to worry about a wardrobe malfunction 👙🙅🏼. However. I want a cute one piece that doesn't scream mom of three! I am exhausted from all the searching so, I ask you, my instafriends, any ideas? Please only share if you have actually purchased from the company or store & have been pleased with the quality."

Little did I know just how many swimsuit companies were out there! 168 comments from y'all! Sheesh! So thank you for all the insight you guys. I looked up each company mentioned in the comments and started narrowing it down to my top ten, then top five and finally top 2.

My decision to go with Kortnie Jeane swimmers ultimately came down to these things:
  • style (loved that I could mix and match and the colors/patterns were so fun)
  • coverage (loved that they were modest but still didn't scream, "hi, I'm a mom of three")
  • matchy with my girlies (they have a matching line for little ones & since my girls LOVE matching me, these were perfect!)

A LOT of you have asked me how I like my swimmers and I figured I'd just answer all the questions here with some fun pictures from my girl, Jessie Leigh Photography.

First of all, I LOVE my swimmers!

I initially ordered a different top and bottoms than are pictured here but they just didn't quite fit the way I hoped. The top was a little lower than I wanted so I asked if I could exchange them. Thankfully, Kortnie Jeane also has great customer service and let me! I really got the feel that they really want their customers to be happy and confident in their product so that was really cool.

I ended up trying out 3 tops and 3 bottoms and was surprised that I ended up liking the ruffle bottoms the most because I wouldn't classify myself as a ruffle gal but they just fit so good! I also liked a couple of other bottoms as well.

As for the top, I ended up getting 2. The one pictured here goes great with any bottoms but I also got the racer back and love it too.

I love that they have great coverage but are also a little spunky. I don't feel weird chasing kids around, worry about anything flying places it shouldn't when jumping, flipping, diving, and honestly, and I love the ruffle on the top because I still feel fine walking around in a swimsuit after eating a burger. Hahaha.

My girls LOVE their suits. They have been wanting 2 pieces but it's really hard to find cute, modest ones until I found KJ. You guys, I didn't realize how awesome 2 pieces are for girls until now. Hello easy bathroom brakes!!! Plus, we got coordinating prints because they love matching me but each combo is uniquely them as well. So fun.

So there's my review of our swimmers. We love them. I am addicted now. I want combos in every color and pattern. And since KJ puts out a new collection every 4 months or so, there are plenty of styles to choose from!

P.S. I was not paid to review these, although KJ generously supplied us swimmers to try out, and I honestly love them and know I have a lot of friends that were interested so I'm happy to share. 

P.S.S. Thank you again, Jessie, for getting some fun pictures of me & my girls!

Oh, and FYI, KJ just released their newest line and it's SO cute! I think I need the hibiscus pink in a top. How cute would that be with the cheetah bottoms?! Click here to shop their new colloection.

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  1. I love it!! These are super cute and the girls look adorable. I especially love the match-match. I have never heard of this company and will definitely look at their suits!


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