Jun 7, 2008

Jamaican Update

Oh my goodness! The pictures on the internet do not do this place justice! We arrived last night, walked the beach, ate at the Cabana Grill and got settled in. We have been here about 24 hours and are already dreading Friday when we have to leave! The food is INCREDIBLE. So far we have ate: calamari, jerk chicken, fresh fruit smoothies, Pad Thai (Ashley it was AMAZING!), fried snapper, snapper sandwich, fried bananas with lemongrass ice cream, pancakes, the list goes on and it's just the first full day! The beach is AWESOME! The water is the perfect temp, the sun is the perfect warmth and the breeze can't be beat. We have already got accustomed to the Jamaican lifestyle...IRIE mon. It means no worries! Everything's irie mon. I've added a link to view some of the pictures, more to follow... GO TO MY FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM.

Jamaican Sunset

Jamaican Rain - 22/365

Varandah Patio


  1. How did you fit all that food in one day? Glad you are having fun...soak it in! We'll go soak in the ghetto pool!

  2. saw the flickr pics...buy Eric some slippahs in honor of the Campbells. He's on a beach for crying out loud!

  3. Love that Cabana Grill! It will be our first stop when we return to CSA. Also looking forward to stopping on the way to the resort for jerk chicken and pork. Yum!


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