Jun 19, 2008

Mission24 = Crazy

Yea! Another mission. I was in Jamaica for the last two missions but I'm back and ready to go. Today's mission is CRAZY. After some serious thought on what I wanted to submit I finally narrowed down my ideas to two. The first I am quite proud of, not so much the concept but more so for the crazy accomplishment. I thought it would be crazy to attempt EXPERT on Guitar Hero III and decided to get a shot my attempt. What I found to be the truly crazy part was the fact that I BEAT my first expert song!!! Now that's crazy!

My second entry is my take on the infamous moment in "The Shining." This is from the scene where we find out that Jack has completely lost his mind. After weeks, maybe months, of working on his novel, we find that he's just been typing the same line over and over: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. My take is a bit different.

And...Mission Complete.

Crazy! Rockin it on EXPERT! 35/365

All Work and No Flickr makes Lesley a Crazy girl.

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