Sep 22, 2010

Big Girls Do Cry

Sweet P is 8 weeks old now and it absolutely amazes me how fast she's grown and how fast time with her has just flown by. I have enjoyed just about every single moment with her - with the exception of yesterday.

She had her 8 week checkup which meant she got her 2 month immunizations.

She cried.

I cried.

It was not pretty.

I have never heard the screams that came out of my sweet little baby girl. It was awful but after a few minutes of sobbing I pulled myself together.

Joking. After a few minutes of her screaming I was finally able to calm her down. Which, in itself is pretty beautiful. I love that I can comfort her. It's an amazing feeling.

I just wish she didn't need comforting. I wish she could go through life without ever being hurt again or ever having a reason to cry again. But, she'll get more shots, she'll fall down and she'll have plenty of reasons to cry. I'm just so thankful I will be there to hold her and comfort her - even when my tears are falling on her little cheeks and I can't tell which tears are hers or mine.

Sweet P's First Shots


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