Dec 22, 2010

5 More Reasons I Love My iPhone

If I had to give up tv or my iphone, I'm pretty sure I would choose the tv.

Things you can't do with a tv that you can with an iphone:
  1. Take pictures
  2. Find a nearby restaurant (and read reviews) - thank you Urbanspoon
  3. Find yourself when you are lost - thank you maps
  4. Play games - hello Angry Birds
  5. Text, call and email 
So, here are some recent photos I took with my phone that crack me up!

Giving the thumbs up on this outfit!

Happy Wednesday!!

Thank you Rachel for the Tulsa onesie!


  1. She is so sweet - what a happy girl! And lovin' that Tulsa shirt! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, the last picture of Paisley, smiling really big, looks like your Dad at that age. I guess we will have to find the old picture so we can compare. But, I will add, Paisley's a lot cuter.


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