Dec 17, 2010

I'm No Photographer but...

I'm pretty pleased with some shots I got of my girl for her 4 month pictures.

Here's the problem, I'm really bad at scheduling things in advance and don't think about certain things that need to be done until about a week after I should have done them. Example, hair cuts. I rarely make an appointment in advance and then one day I look up at my roots and crazy hair and think, I need to make an appointment. By then I have to wait a good two weeks or so before I can get in so I have to deal with crazy hair even longer than necessary.

So that's what happened with P's 4 month pics. It was already 2 weeks past her 4 month birthday and I realized I needed pictures of her. Then, due to poor planning and schedule conflicts with my usual photographer - I decided I needed to take some before it was time for her 5 month pics!

Now, I'm not a photographer - just a mom with an awesome camera that's taken a photography class and watches my sister work her magic and try to recreate what she does! So here are a few of my better shots.

I think I'll do better planning for her 5 month pictures!


  1. I think they look terrific! I love the calender idea and will be doing that for our next baby. Btw I do the same thing...decide that day that I need my hair done pronto because my roots are 4 inches long.

  2. Thanks so much!! The calendar idea was my sister's and you don't even want to see my roots right now!


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