Jul 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister-Cousin

Happy second birthday Firecracker!

You are the best sister-cousin a girl could have.

Not only do you share your ice cream and sneak me snacks I'm not supposed to have...


you play with me...

you give lots of hugs and kisses...

photo by ashley ann

photo by ashley ann

you share your super cute clothes with me...

and I know you're going to be the best teacher - you all ready are!

photo by ashley ann

Happy Birthday sister-cousin. You're the best!!

Love - sweet p


  1. These pictures are adorable! They are so sweet! I have a neice that is 3 months younger than Isabelle and it's going to be so nice to watch them grow together. So nice having family here:)

  2. My cousin and I grew up together like this...I never had a sister but she will always be like a sister to me. Such sweet photos! I'm sure the girls will cherish them as much as you do when they are older. :)

  3. sister-cousin...love it! Happy Birthday to firecracker!

  4. Sister cousins are the best!!! Happy birthday Firecracker!

  5. Oh this kills me! I want my en eutero neicew to be a girl basically for this very reason. :)

    P.S. Can't remember if I said thanks for your heads up on the roadhouse, so if not - thanks!

  6. i absolutely adore their relationship...


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