Jul 12, 2011

I Think I Did It

Came up with an iced coffee recipe I like, that is.

Thank to to everyone that sent me links and helped me out on perfecting the recipe!! You guys rock.

Anyway, after my failed attempt at the Pioneer Woman's recipe, I changed it up a bit to suit my tastes. And just so you know, I like my salsa hot and my iced coffee strong.

I don't have any pics on the process. Honestly, it's not that interesting. I just took 2 cups of ground espresso and stirred it into 2 gallons of water. I let it sit for 7 hours. It was either 7 or let it sit overnight for another 8 hours and deal with it in the morning. I have enough to worry about in the morning so 7 was just fine for me.

I strained all the grounds out and put it in a container to cool overnight. This version was a lot darker than my first attempt so I was already pleased.

The next morning I poured it over some coffee ice. The coffee ice was a great idea I got from a comment on another blog. You just pour some of the coffee into an ice tray and then your drink doesn't get watered down as the ice melts! Genius!!

Coffee Ice Cubes

See how dark that is!

Iced Coffee

Then I added a little sugar and milk. Gave it a quick little stir and tried it out.

Iced Coffee with Milk

I won't say that this is the perfect recipe but it works for me. It was strong and made enough to last me a couple of weeks so I'm good with it for now.

Also, I have to say, that cup in the photos, the Starbucks cup, is one of the best purchases I've made in a while. There's a liner so it helps insulate your cold drink, there's a lid so it doesn't spill when your little one finds your drink AND the straw has a thing on the end so it won't come out of the cup! Such a great buy.

**update** sadly, after about a week in the fridge I started noticing a bitter, acid-y taste. Any recommendations for the perfect iced coffee recipe are welcome!


  1. I'm making this RIGHT NOW!!! I love ice coffee...or just coffee in general! I seriously cannot wait to hang out with you in the future...lots of coffee and food is to be had with each other!

  2. Yay! You figured out something you liked! I used flavored coffee most recently (rich chocolate fudge) and am not a fan. Bummer. Also, I want one of those cups now! Sounds awesome!

  3. love me some iced coffee! i wonder why pw's didn't work for you. hmm. my mom made hers while i was back visiting and she used an almond flavored coffee bean and it was to die for.
    and i use my starbucks cup every day!

  4. I do the same thing - for a small batch, I put the espresso and water in a french press - makes it easy to strain later. Now I just need to make the coffee ice...which means I need to stop finishing my morning pot of coffee so that I have some left over! Your drink looks delicious!

  5. Hi - here from your sisters site. I also tried Pioneer Woman's recipe and did not think it was quite strong enough. Also tried the sweetened condensed milk she mention - OK but not great. Some internet searching turned up a "recipe" for sweet cream to use in iced coffee - a can of evaporated milk and a can of sweetened condensed milk - mix together - store in frig next to the coffee concentrate - delish!

  6. As a good brazilian girl I LOVE everything about coffee: the smell, the colour, the possibilities, the fact that it put people together around a table for good moments...

    But as a BAD Brazilian girl, I don´t drink it! Go figure...

    Anyway, your recipe seems to be very easy to make (the iced cubes - genious!) and I think my father will love that! So I´ll try this weekend (when I visit him) and I´ll come back to tell you what the impressions are...

    By the way, the cup from Starbucks is beeeeeauuutifullll!

    Kisses and blessings.
    from Brazil


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