Oct 5, 2011

What's Love Got To Do with It?

I have started, stopped and rewritten this post countless times and just don't know exactly how to begin. I'm not a great writer and I tend to ramble but I have something to share so bear with me.

I'm not really sure why people visit this space out in blogland but according to the stats, you people are out there so I know I'm not just writing this on a blank page that only my family and friends read, heck, some of my friends don't even know I have a blog. Anyway, I have gone back and forth on deleting this or keeping it, what to share here and what I shouldn't share and to be honest, why I even have this thing.

Here's the thing, our time is very limited on this Earth and now that I have a kid (and another on the way) I am looking at where I spend my time and why. I want my time to mean something. To do something.

I haven't really shared much about my faith or social issues here. I haven't really hidden it either, just not very outspoken about it. There's a long list of reasons that have kept me from speaking out, some of which include: fear of offending someone, getting too personal, automatically having a label on me, my life being put on a pedestal of sorts because people can think you're supposed to be perfect and then letting those people down because it's easy to see my many imperfections, fear of saying or doing something that reflects poorly on my faith and being judged accordingly, not having the answer to a question ... the list goes on and on.

One of the main things that has kept me from this is the fact that I'm not the best Christian. I have messed up. I've done wrong. I've sinned. I've turned my back on God for a season. I can't quote the Bible and don't have answers to a gazillion questions people have about Christianity. With all those faults, I'm obviously no "Super-Christian" so why bother putting it out there when others are much better at it than me? There are so many Christian women out there with inspiring blogs so I should just leave it to the pros right?

Well, it made sense to me. That is, until I started thinking about other areas of my life. I don't post photos of my family because I think I'm the best photographer and others can learn from me. I do it because I like the picture or the story it tells about this stage of our life. Same with cooking. I'm no chef and I make things that I don't even want to eat sometimes, but that doesn't keep me from posting food pictures or recipes. These are just parts of my life. So why do I have to be perfect to get a little personal and talk about my beliefs?

That's just silly.

I mean, hello, Jesus is a much bigger part of my life than cooking, weekend fun and all the other nonsense I talk about.

I feel like I should put all this out there to help make sense of what I'm about to share. You see, the last few months I have felt called to do something. To use my voice and bring awareness to an issue. I have wrestled with talking about it here for two reasons. One, it's not wrapped in a pretty package or will leave you with warm fuzzies when you open it like some causes out there. Two, I didn't want to educate myself on the issue because it hurts to my core.

The organization I'm talking about it Love146. It's a nonprofit with a goal to abolish child sex slavery. I'll go more into my journey with Love146 some other time, this post is long enough. But, I will say that I feel called to do something about it. I'm not entirely sure what that is at this time and am relying on God to show me how He wants to use me to fight this war.

So today, on my 30th birthday - whoa! old lady alert! - I want to use my voice and share this video with you. You may have seen this already, several bloggers I know went to Blog Sugar where they talked about this.

Ok, if you've made is this far, way to go! All I ask on my birthday is that you take a few minutes and watch this video.

Love146 History from LOVE146 on Vimeo.

Thank you for sticking with me today getting through my longest post ever of my thought ramblings.


  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing that.. Its so crazy to think about and so sad.. It breaks my heart!!!

    But in other news

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! :) Hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! What a way to start the new decade- empowering people with information & encouraging them to take action.

  4. That video, in no better words, touched my soul. Thank you for sharing this today. God bless and happy birthday!

  5. wow! Thank you for sharing taht ans making this issue aware to me and others. Have a blessed birthday!

  6. breaks. my. heart. thank you for sharing.

  7. Happy Birthday.

    That video was incredible. I guess I have never thought about that actually happening. My heart breaks and hurts for those poor little girls. It makes one feel so helpless.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hard to even fathom - thank you for sharing your heart.

    And happy birthday to you!

  9. Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your heart and this video. It is an incredibly disturbing issue, but definitely needs exposure, so thank you for making me more aware!

  10. Happy Birthday! The video is very powerful. Thank you for sharing and bringing the issue to more people's attention. That is so sad and disturbing that people can do that.

  11. Love it. And love LOVE146. I work with YWAM, and have a ministry that gives proceeds to them. We do a ton regarding sex-trafficking and human trafficking here at our base.... if you know some young people who share your same passion, you should send them our way!

  12. Happy Birthday Leslie! I am here from Ashley's blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Also, I didn't watch the video yet because I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. I will though, just later. Have a great day!

  13. Thank you for sharing that and doing your part to get the awareness out there. I had no idea it was such a big "industry." So, so terrible. Your blog is inspiring no matter how mundane you think it is! Your family is beautiful!
    Happy Birthday!

    Keep it up!

  14. First thing...Happy Birthday!! Secondly, I feel the same way. I have a blog but I don't talk alot about religion, me being a christian, the bible, etc for the very same reasons that you said. But I do feel like if we are being told to share something that is important to us then we should. No matter what anyone else thinks. So keep up the great work. Keep doing what you feel like you are supposed to do.

  15. Happy birthday!! I am a fairly new reader (and first time commenter), but wanted to say that I am glad you chose to talk about your faith. It is up to you to want to share, but I wouldn't let your apprehensions stand in the way. I completely understand where you are coming from, I went to a private Christian college and feel that I should know everything (I still have trouble finding the different books of the Bible!), but in the end I think it strengthens you when you put your faith out there. Wonderful post! Also, thank you for sharing such a powerful video, it is so heartbreaking that people can do that.

    Enjoy your day!

  16. Happy Birthday Lesley! ...and I also share a passion about this subject and not sure how to act on it. Thanks for posting about it and raising more awareness!

  17. happy Birthday Leslie

  18. Happy Birthday!
    I will watch the video right now.. and I really enjoy your blog!

  19. happy birthday!

    Thanks for sharing that powerful video. I look forward to seeing where God leads you...

  20. Thank you so so much for sharing this and being so open & honest! Things like this need to be told, so many people have no idea!

  21. Love 146 is a GREAT organization. It's hard to look at, but more people need to be aware of the reality. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday!

  22. Happy birthday
    thanks for sharing your heart with us
    if you get the twice sorry. i wasn't sure if it posted the first time

  23. Happy birthday! I read because you are so real! Enjoyed the post!

  24. Wow - thank you for sharing and your desire to do something. God will bless your willingness. Happy Birthday! Jeannette

  25. Wow.......great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and the video. You are one amazing person. I'm really proud of who you are and blessed that I was able to watch you grow into the Lady you are today.
    Hope you had a great B'day.

  26. you are awesome and real....
    thanks for sharing that!
    i feel a lot like you with my own blog.
    but we can't neglect our God,
    even though we feel we may not represent Him as best as we can.
    can any of us?
    so, just keep being real and being yourself.
    that's why people read!
    happy bday!
    30 is NOT old...
    repeat after me.
    30 is NOT old!!!
    (i'm 32, by the way) ;)

  27. happy birthday lesley!! and thank you for sharing that video - heart breaking though it is.

  28. I love that you chose your 30th birthday to post this. What a great way to start a new decade! The Lord will bless your obedience in following His calling on your heart. I haven't watched the video yet because all my kiddos are around but I will.
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I'm looking forward to hearing more about your journey with this group!

  29. Happy Birthday! I love this post and the awesome video! Thanks for sharing! I just recently found your blog and I love it!!!

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  31. My favorite sentence... "I do it because I like the picture or the story it tells about this stage of our life."
    I went to the very beginning of your blog... way back before there was a baby... just a newlywed couple who loved fishing, played a lot of Guitar Hero, and took a trip to Jamaica... Since then I've read each post... kind of like a real-life novel... and I love this sentence. My mother always said, "Every stage is the best stage. Enjoy each one."


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