Oct 18, 2011

More Park Pictures and Polenta

Here are a few more pictures from our visit to the Conservation park in Claremore.

The deer were really that close. It was awesome.


Sweet P giving her daddy pebbles along the walk.


Not sure what she's pointing to here, but we looked.


And daddy teaching his girl the art of hunting and stalking deer.


Now on to a totally different subject, I made polenta (basically cornmeal) for the very first time. I had it at one of the Biga wine dinners a while back and decided to try to make my own. Now that I know how easy it is, I will trying many more recipes.

I found this recipe and altered it a little. I didn't have fresh parsley or parmesan cheese so I used some dried parsley and topped ours with a little feta and fresh green onion.

Bacon Polenta

It turned out pretty good but you have to eat it right away or the polenta gets a little hard.

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