Dec 19, 2011

crazyjoy = sighting (revealed)

Just so you know, there's only 6 days left before Christmas! Are you ready!? I am so looking forward to celebrating with my family this year!

I'll have an update on our Advent calendar this week, but for now, it's time to reveal the crazyjoy challenge word photos for SIGHTING.

One of the activities on our calendar was to take Sweet P to see the lights at Rhema. If you're not familiar with Rhema, it's a local church that puts on one of the biggest (if not biggest) Christmas light displays in Oklahoma. It's pretty spectacular.

We haven't made it out the last few years but made the trip this year. So my photo was sighting the seasonal lights at Rhema.

crazyjoy = sighting

Check out Anna's later.

If you want to join in the challenge, just submit a link below to your blog post with your picture. You have until Thursday at noon - Oklahoma time. Anna will post our favorite submission on Friday.

Have a great week!

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