Dec 31, 2011

What I Learned

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, mainly because I never can keep them. Last year I made a resolution to make our bed every morning. *gasp!* It's true, I have a terrible habit of not making the bed. I probably made it about a month before I failed. I have gotten better, though. I guess that's the point anyway, to continually improve.

So this isn't a "what I'm going to do in 2012" post, more of a mindset I want to have.

See, the other day Sweet P reminded me of something. We were doing a simple, mundane task, the laundry. Here's the thing, the very sound of the buzzer going off on our dryer makes me annoyed. There is never an end to laundry, it just keeps coming. I wash, dry, fold and put away and start the whole process over. It never ends. That's probably my biggest pet peeve.

Anyway, Sweet P was helping me put clothes in the washer and was having an absolute blast!


She wasn't thinking about the next load, or the load after that, she was just having fun throwing the clothes in (and taking them back out) and pushing the buttons.

She lives in the moment.

Sure, it's kind of the only way she knows to live but it's still a good lesson. A lesson I want to carry forward in 2012, to live in the moment and to enjoy it, no matter how simple or mundane it may seem.

So, I hope you have a very happy New Year's Eve and cheers to an awesome 2012!!


  1. you could always turn the buzzer off on the dryer!

  2. I love this. My daughter showed me this same lesson last year, while I was doing the much hated chore of changing the sheets. Every time I "whoosed" the top blanket over the mattress, she would squeal and laugh, begging to do it over and over.

    I want to learn to live in the little moments too, and to incorporate those little hands into more of the "need to do urgent" stuff that seems to overwhelm the important. What beautiful tiny reminders our girls are, to find Joy in everything, especially the mundane.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lesley,
    Thanks so much for sharing. I find it difficult to not get overwhelmed with the mundane household tasks that fill my days along with caring for my two little boys. I too really hate the never ending process of laundry... The washing, folding and putting away wouldn't bother me one tiny bit if after that it was finished; however, it's not and that drives me nuts.

    That being said I am making a conscious effort these days to live in the moment. It's not a new year's resolution, since I believe that when changes are made it shouldn't be because of the date on the calendar. I have been trying to enjoy my small boys since they won't be small for long, not to get overwhelmed with it all and letting everything else that can wait, wait.

    Thanks for the reminder that I am not alone in this "battle", for the continued fresh perspective and the adorable photographs that capture it all.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


  4. Mt. WashMore.
    Never reaching the summit! :) :)


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