Apr 13, 2012


Happy Friday! Here are some pictures I took the past week with my phone and instagram.


top left to right: Easter Sunday at our church's new campus, little sister was laughing and smiling in her sleep (you can call it gas but I'm not), I finally got Sweet P's hair into a ponytail!

middle left to right: my first trip to the store alone with my girls - it called for treats at Starbucks, we've been taking walks together and P likes to help push her "siss-er", nap time for the girls and I'm reading the Hunger Games

bottom left to right: little sister can be impossible to wake up to eat most of the time - this time it took 45 minutes to wake her up, P likes to push her baby "A-dah" in the swing and when she leaves her there it freaks me out, blueberry donuts inspired by Joy from Wildflowers Photography - she's responsible for me buying my donut pans and now I need some new cookbooks - check out her post, you'll see what I mean

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Those books are amazing, and sad. I read them over and over during my exam time.

    I love how you bring in your treat at starbucks :) Sadly we don't have one around.
    And your curch looks interesting

    Greetings Jo :)

    P.S.: I made your Cinnamon Rolls and there were absolutely delicious! Thank you for sharing

    1. I'm need to get the next book - the first was really good.

      Thanks for letting me know you tried the cinnamon rolls!! I need to make those again soon!! Glad you liked them.

  2. I love how babies stretch their little necks like that. Love Sweet P's ponytail.

    1. I know, right! It's my favorite spot for smoochies!!


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