Apr 2, 2012

March PhotoADay Recap

Another month passed and another month documented in instagram photos, mainly a transition of my belly to welcoming my baby girl!! Thank you for all the prayers and compliments for our newest.

As for March, I haven't missed a day yet, although, I did cheat two days. Day 12 was "fork" and well, you can obviously see I did not take a picture of any type of fork. Same goes for day 28 which was "trash". I just wasn't feeling it those days so I took a picture of little miss Sweet P throwing a tantrum and my two loves.

Anyway, back to the photos. Here's my month of March in a collage.


1-up 2-fruit 3-my neighborhood 4-bedside 5-a smile 6-5pm 7-something i wore 8-window 9-red 10-loud 11-someone i talked to today 12-fork 13-a sign 14-clouds 15-car 16-sunglasses 17-green 18-a corner of my home 19-funny 20-before/after 21-delicious 22-kitchen sink 23-moon 24-an animal 25-breakfast 26-key 27-my name 28-trash 29-feet 30-toy 31-where i relax

I also have larger ones up in my PhotoADay set on flickr that include little descriptions, as well as January and February.

Now on to April! Here's a link to Fat Mum Slim's prompts for April if you want to join. And, as always, I'm recipeforcrazy on instagram if you want to find me.


  1. Where is the recipe for #20, the before and after pic? That looks delish!

  2. This is too awesome. I don't have Instagram (darn Android phone!) but I can't help but want to participate...so I guess I shall!!! Hope transitioning to life of four is going smoothly, friend!

  3. I tried to do the photo challenge in Feb and stopped half way through. I see you were reading The Hunger Games! I finished all three books a few weeks ago and just saw the movie on Saturday. Loved all of it!


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