Jul 3, 2012

3 Months


I just talked about the gift that my first born is and now I get to brag on my youngest.


You are still so very content and happy and rarely fuss if I'm around. I'm still your favorite but you really like just about anyone - as long as they hold you and talk to you.

In the last month you have found your hands and almost always have them in your mouth. You grab at things in front of your face and try to pull them near.


You're not as content just sitting anymore. You want to sit up and take your world in. Your legs are really strong and you can scoot around if we set you on the floor. You flopped over for the first time too. I missed it, sorry about that. I heard the thump as you went from laying on your belly on a blanket to your back on the hard wood floor. You didn't fuss and you seem really tough.


You are also starting to like your sister a lot more. She tries to include you in everything we do and tries to get you to play with her toys. You smile at her a lot when she talks to you and really start kicking your legs when she cheers you on when you're doing tummy time.


You are also super funny. You have really started "talking" a lot more and sometimes laugh at yourself when you get loud.


Sweet girl, you have been such a blessing to our lives these last three months and I'm so thankful you are a strong, tough, healthy, beautiful girl. We love you so much.

yellow headband from hope: handmade 


  1. so stinkin' cute...and just thought i should let you know i just ordered some donut pans thanks to all your donut inspiration. can't wait to try them out! :)

  2. So sweet! Makes me want a little girl so bad.

  3. she's BEAUTIFUL!! my sweet pea is almost 17 mnths...the time goes *so* *so* quickly. oh, and that quilt...gah!! it's BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. The one where she is laying on her back smiling is ADORABLE! She is too precious! :)

  5. that last picture melts me!! what a sweetheart, and how lucky she is to have such a fun sister to help her through life. I can't wait for my next stage of life, first a house, then the babies!


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