Oct 19, 2012


It's been a bit since I dumped some photos from my phone here so brace yourselves!

My little outsider
I promise, this was totally not staged. She just leaned back and wanted to look at her stickers and drink her milk. She kills me.

6 month well-check
6mo well check
Totally loving the paper.

Birthday Coffee
birthday coffee
French pressed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee with whipped cream - perfect start to my day. Takes me back to this. Ahhh.

Birthday Sushi
sushi hana
Some kind of delicious roll at Sushi Hana. Mmmm.

Birthday Serenade
happy bday to me
They sang me margaritaville and I had to get a picture with me and Elvis with the neon pink guitar.

Kindred hearts
two of a kind
These two are so much alike. More on that tree next week.

Working on her smolder
Tangled anyone?

Sister-cousin picnic
Apparently they were eating goldfish that Firecracker had hid. They are a mess together.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cream Pies
Sprinkles make everything better. Recipe here.

Picnic with My Girls
We've been blessed with beautiful weather the last few days so we're making the most of it with lots of picnics and park time.

Friday Donut Date
donut date
In her favorite dress.

Flying High
flying high
She could do this all day.

Sad Little Punkin
Sad punkin
Yes, I could have just taken it off her head and she probably wouldn't have cried, but she looked so cute!

Happy Punkin
Happy because she has a stick to chew on.

Well, there's a little catching up on my instagram photos, @recipeforcrazy if you wanted to know. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


  1. I have a friend named Lesli that I bought that same Anthro mug for for her birthday last month. And I loved it so much that I bought the 'H' one for myself...which is yellow. I want one in every color, though. :)

  2. thanks for sharing and happy belated birthday! you reminded me that i love sushi...haven't had it in too long!!

  3. happy birthday!!!!! omg i love that wig. too stinkin' cute.

  4. That one titled, "Flying High" is gorgeous! I love how you say, "this is not staged" - I have thought that so many times.

  5. I love the picture with you and Elvis. Pure awesomeness. And next time you make those cookies, feel free to mail me a few...dozen. ;)


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