Oct 24, 2012

The Tree

I know y'all don't care about my tree, but it's been part of my life for four years now and it needed a bit of a memorial on here.

When we first moved into our house we had a massive tree in the backyard. Massive folks. Pictures have never done it justice. To give you an idea of how massive it was, three guys - all over 6' - and myself all tried to basically hug the tree, hands to hands all the way around it and couldn't touch fingers. Wide.

huge tree

The tree had some damage in the past and only one side really had branches remaining - they all hung over our house.

tree over house

I loved that tree. It was huge and really old. It was one of the biggest trees in our neighborhood.

huge tree over house

Then, one cold, freezing night we got hit with an ice storm. There was at least half an inch of ice covering everything, including our tree.

Ice Storm in 07

Well, the weight of the ice caused much of the remaining limbs to break - crashing on our house. Thankfully there was only minimal roof damage. I've never been in a war zone but that night sounded like what I can only imagine a war zone might.

Ice covered trees falling on houses, cars and even people. Sirens filled the night from fire trucks and ambulances. We lost power so the only sounds we heard were the sirens, cracking of trees and crashing ice.

We were without power for over a week, as was most of our area.

We recovered from the storm but our poor tree was hit pretty hard. We had some trimmers come to remove the dangerous branches that hadn't fallen and we were told the tree would come back.

tree trimming after ice storm

Three years later, it never recovered.

We finally were able to afford getting the rest of the tree cut down, thanks to the help of my father in law! It was a sad day.

huge tree being cut
huge tree cut down

The tree that once towered over the entire neighborhood was just a pile of rotting wood left on the ground.

huge tree pieces

So sad.

On a much happier note, come back tomorrow for a fun post!


  1. that is so sad!!! i would be heartbroken to lose a big tree like that!

    1. I know, right. What's even more sad is the fact that it was home to a little squirrel family :( boo

  2. A few things. One: your house is adorable. Two: that tree is amazing.

  3. i do care about your lovely tree.
    beautiful little tribute:)

    love ya!

  4. Such a bummer about that gorgeous tree. We lost a couple in our last snow storm, but none nearly as fabulous as yours.

    1. Who knew snow storms could be so deadly to trees? Sorry for your loss too.

  5. So sad to hear about our tree! I remember that ice storm, so crazy! Firewood anyone? Did you make a table from the tree?

    1. Thank you. Unfortunately, most of the wood was rotten so it wouldn't burn well or make anything out of it. Boo.

  6. Oh, that IS sad. :( We lost three trees in the ice storm too (well, they technically belonged to our next door neighbor, but I still miss them). I remember that sound also... it was weird. When it first started happening (in the morning here), I had no idea what it was. It sounded like a gush of wind or a waterfall. Anyway... that sucker was HUGE! :) I hope at least some of the wood was good enough to salvage and turn into something fun.

    1. Man, I think a lot of people lost some trees in that storm. Sadly, most of the wood was rotten so we just had to get rid of it :(


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