Nov 26, 2012

Thankful for the simple things

A little while back - before I got bogged down with shop craziness (not complaining, just haven't had much time to do anything else on the computer like upload pictures from over a week ago) the weather was still beautiful and I took the girls to the park.

Sweet P could live in a swing and be happy as could be.


Notice the double headbands on that girl. She picked out her own outfit and accessorized herself. Such a rockstar.

Little sister apparently needed a little push.



After over an hour of swinging, I needed a break and needed the two-year old to run some energy off so we took a little walk around the park and I stole a few pictures of my girls.


I have to admit. I always feel a little cliche taking pictures at this park. It's know as like "THE picture place" for prom pics, baby pics, engagement pics ... get the picture. Ha. I crack myself up.

But seriously, we live so close and it has swings for crying out loud. Not to mention the amazing colors of fall! There's obviously a reason this place is so popular and I just can't help myself!

Anyway, Sweet P wasn't so thrilled about the break. Obviously.


But she got over it when I distracted her with an adventure of finding different colored leaves.


A cool breeze gave Little Sister the chills. There's not much cuter than a sweet little baby getting the chills.


Don't worry, it was really warm in the sun. I wasn't freezing my kiddos - there's nothing cute about that.

Besides swinging, jumping just might be Sweet P's favorite outdoor activity. It never takes her long to find something to jump off of. Thankfully there are a lot of rocks at the park.


Perfect for climbing and jumping.

And wearing a two-year-old-ball-of-energy out!


I'm so thankful for the small things.



And a little sunshine!

Oh, and two girls that took long naps at the same time :)

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