Nov 25, 2012

The BIG 1-0-0!!

I have been completely blown away this weekend. My little shop hit 100 sales on Saturday! That major stuff for this lady! Black Friday success!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported my shop. Let me tell you, as a stay-at-home momma to two little cuties, you have blessed my socks off.

Because tomorrow, or today depending on when you're reading this, is cyber Monday and I'm all about a good sale, I'm offering 25% anything in my shop for 6am-6pm. So if you missed out on the Black Friday sale, now's your chance to get a deal!


Use code: MONDAYFUNDAY at checkout to receive the discount.

And for those of you totally uninterested in my little shop, I promise I have a recipe and some mega-cute photos coming this week!

Happy Monday folks!!

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