Jan 9, 2013

dream a little - er - BIG dream

Hello! I'm back. For today anyway :)

I have so many things I'd like to post and hope to get back in the swing of it here soon. But, for today, I'm just going to unload a little.

Do you pick a word for the year? I know a lot of people that do and I love hearing their words and watching them develop over the year. Words like: intentional, secure, trusting, and hope have stood out to me. All good words and all great things to improve in a year.

But I've never done the word thing - maybe it's because I don't stick to too many things I start out on and knowing me, I'd probably lose sight of my word within the first couple of months, if not weeks or maybe it's something else.

But this year I wanted to have a word.

Something to improve on daily. Something that I'm really not very good at. Something that would hopefully change my life.

I thought and thought and prayed about what my word could be. I think I started thinking in December.

But, I never could settle on a word. Maybe because I'm just so great at everything that there's little room for improvement? kidding.

January came and still no word.


I gave up on having a word for the year and quit thinking about it.

And wouldn't you know, when I quit on having a word, one plopped right down in the middle of my life and kind of screamed at me!

Before I tell you me word, I'm going to fess up to something.

I'm a pessimist.


I lack a certain optimism when it comes to my own life. For others though, I'm really optimistic and think the best things will happen for them.

But me, not so much. It's not that I don't think good things will happen in my life because they do. Every single day.


It's more about when I'm faced with change or opportunity that I tend to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I've always said it's being realistic but you know, that's not really it at all because more often than not, the good happens and the worst never comes close!

I've always looked at my pessimism as a way to protect me from being dissappointed when my dreams don't come true. But you know what I'm realizing? My pessimism has caused me not to dream.

I mean, I have wishes and goals. Small things that I'd like to accomplish. Things that I leave up to myself to make happen. Things that I feel if I work hard enough, I can accomplish all on my own.

How selfish, prideful and sad does that sound?

Instead of dreaming big dreams that I can't do on my own, like I ever did anything on my own anyway, but you know what I mean, I settled with little wishes that don't even really matter.

Instead of opening my heart and mind to a world of possibilities that only God can accomplish, I've been content struggling on my own just to make baby steps.

My pessimism has been a crutch and I want to live a more hopeful, optimistic life. A life full of big dreams.

So that, my folks, is my word for the year: DREAM.

Que, "I had a dream once..." (yet another Tangled reference on the blog.)

Anyway, this year I'm opening myself up to dreaming big dreams. Dreams that I can't do on my own. Dreams that only God can make happen. Dreams that I don't even know I have yet, but dreams that I pray God will place on my heart and then use me to his glory to make happen.

It may not sound like much to a lot of you and that's fine. My word is for me and trust me when I say, this is a major step for me.

As a reward for sticking with me on this mega long post, and to encourage and remind you to dream too, I'm doing a little giveaway!

Two people with win one of my new prints in my shop:


To enter, leave me a comment telling me what your dream is or if you have a "word" for the year. Make sure you include a way to contact you if you win.

**Update - giveaway closed. Last counting comment Sandy W.** I'll accept entries until Friday night and announce the winners on Monday!

Oh, and while I'm talking shop-talk, I have some new cards in ready for Valentine's day.

Valentine's Cards - recipeforcrazy

Here's a code for 20% off your entire purchase from now until Friday night: DREAMYLOVE.

Okay, that's it. Happy Wednesday and good luck!


  1. I've really been trying to find my word for the year and but nothing seems right. Maybe that's my word for the year..."word".

  2. I have many dreams. Some short term, some long term, some that seem near impossible.
    Short term:
    Follow my heart and become a teacher.

    Long term:
    I dream of finding the perfect man. Then having perfect babies whether they are blood related or LOVE related, I honestly don't care.
    I also dream of being a foster parent. Being the one person in a child's life who won't leave them. Being the rock they need and helping them heal.

    But my biggest dreams...
    I want to spend time going to different orphanages around the world. I want to go love on babies who don't always feel loved. I want to help them grow strong and healthy and feel LOVED!
    I want to help children who are at risk for learning/emotional/behavioral disabilities. I have seen poverty and terrible family situations. I have see the life behind the sad eyes of so many kids. I want to help them. I want them to succeed. I want to give them hope in something as small as a backpack full of books, puzzles, coloring books, things to help them learn when they are home. A little retreat from the tough life they live in a backpack.

    So yeah, those are my dreams.

    1. Oops forgot a way to contact me!

  3. What a timely post for me! My husband is a great dreamer and I feel like I'm always the downer. I focus on the things that seem relevant and possible while he pushes the boundaries. I want to be able to dream with him! I'm gonna work on that this year also. Right now he is dreaming of owning land in the future so our future kids will have a place to learn, run, play and hunt with him. Love that print! It would be perfect in our house. Liakdavidson@gmail.com

  4. I know you mentioned it in your post, but I would have to say I have settled on the word "intentional" for this year. I usually don't make goals and relate strongly to your post, but I feel like I need to spend my days being more intentional in my purpose. To be a better wife, mother, and christian, I feel I need to be more intentional on planning out my days and following through with those plans!
    Happy New Year!

  5. i dream of being a really faithful witness to the Lord, growing into my role as a momma and wife and about pursuing passions that i'm timid about because i don't want to fail :)

  6. I'm working on being intentional. Giving everything a reason and a purpose. Love your prints!

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  8. Can I steal your word, dream???? I too have found myself to be the biggest pessimist. It's definitely something my husband intentionally points out because it happens so often. Lucky for me he is the biggest optimist and balances us out :)

  9. My word of the year is "faith". I just wrote a post on it this afternoon, and you can read about it here: http://twutwu22.blogspot.com/2013/01/great-faith.html

    cathy (ctwu@umich.edu)

    ps- love reading your blog. it's always so encouraging and inspirational! thanks for helping me along in my walk with God.

  10. hi. i love your word & your prints & am excited to dream with ya. my word is learn.

  11. I'm not big for the "one word" thing either. I pick my word then forget it cuz life just seems to get in the way :) I do, though have a list of "Goals for 2013" and listed seven of them!! I hung it at my desk and I look at it every day. I'm a major procrastinator so they center mostly around that, but another very important one is: "Lift people up by my words and action instead of tearing them down". I don't want to judge people. Another one is to read the Bible in a year. So, I don't have one word, but I do have goals! I love your new shop items! I purchased one of your pictures before Christmas and it's beautiful!

  12. Oops! I too forgot to give you a way to contact me...

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  13. i think the word i have picked for the year is joy. last year was a rough one for my family. i decided on december 31st that no matter what good times or bad times this new year brought i will cling to joy.

  14. i am the same way lesley. i'd consider myself an optimist though. but reading your post, i'm exactly the same. i withhold a lot of optimism from myself.

    anyway. i am excited to see how God unravels this in your life this coming year. :)

    for me, my word this year is redeem. i blogged about it, how God doesn't waste anything, he redeems it all. for His glory, and our good. :) love you girl!

  15. My 2013 word is thankful. I'm a busy mommy of 5, 3, and 4week old boys and I'm trying to slow down and be thankful for the little moments. I'd love a copy of your print to remember to dream big not only for me, but for my boys as well. Contact email : glasspej (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. Lovely word and goal.

    I am like you (were). I hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. I have never thought of that as being a bad thing.. And sometimes it is not. BUT yes sometimes I do think it holds me back from having faith that the good is going to happen.

    My word for this year is Intentional or to "live intentionally".

    I love your new print.

  17. Good for you! It can be scary to dream, but why not do it?
    My thought for the new year is "It's Possible!" So encouraging!
    I would love to have a Dream print of my very own to remind me to dream of all that is possible. jreese4peace{at}gmail.com

  18. My dream this year: graduate and find some way of pursuing a creative career!

  19. Mu word for this year is "brave". I'm much like you- I'm a bit of a pessimist. I just don't think great things will happen to me. This year I'm going to try to change that, to try new things, to be bold, to go for the gold.
    Cheers to a new year, your word and mine, and a year full of big dreams and bravery!

    Natalieryan13. (At) hotmail (dot) com

  20. This past year has been a struggle for me in many ways. My son became a teenager; he has high functioning Asperger's. This has been a constant struggle with balancing my inner peace and putting most of my dreams aside until I am able to resume them. I know that I have made small goals or dreams as a way to protect myself from being disappointed. But I must have more faith --- in myself and God. So I know that my word for the year is Faith. All the rest will fall into place in it's own glorious time.

    Instagram = bean_boots

  21. "HOPE." I was trying to rebel against having a word for the year, fearing it would be another unresolved resolution. But this word just won't leave me alone! Every time I come across this idea of a word for the year, the word "hope" pops into my head. I know it is prompted by the Holy Spirit, but I don't know why...yet. And then the reminder of Isaiah 40:31 - "but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Beautiful, that's just what I needed to hear. Yep, "HOPE" will be my word this year. :)

  22. Oh my. I just (like 5 minutes ago) commented on another blog about God-sized dreams and how that He might be trying to tell me something this week what with her blog post, the Jesus Calling for Kids devos we've been reading, and now your blog. Yikes. I am like you, Leslie. I get excited for other people, but I'm quite content to not have big dreams for myself. I was just thinking before I read your post that I really don't have any dreams. I'm living the only one I've ever had (stay-at-home mom), so that's enough, right? Hmm...

    About the pessimist / realist... My husband and I did the Strengths Finder 2.0 survey (he did it for work, and liked it so much he bought the book for me), and we found that one of my "strengths" is to anticipate potential problems. He said it was life-changing for him to learn that about me. He always thought I was "negative," but now he thinks of my list of everything that could possibly go wrong with X, Y, or Z as a strength and not a weakness. I also learned from that book that our biggest strengths can become our weaknesses if we don't harness them and use them for good. You know, like Spider-man -- with great power comes great responsibility. ha. :)

    1. Oh! I just noticed... I am so sorry I spelled your name wrong! I am usually really good about name spellings. :) Also, I just remembered that a sitcom we watched tonight was about the husband having huge goals/dreams and the wife always squelching his ideas. I think God can speak through a sitcom. Yup. I do. Sigh...

  23. i love this post! and i think i am a lot like you... at least i understand where you are coming from on this post. i have been thinking of quotes and such to help motivate me for this year, but i think i will also pick a word.
    and now for one of my dreams... to be the mother i want to be. i know i am a good mother, but there are things i don't do that i wish i did and some things that i do do that i wish i didn't. does that even make sense?!!
    love your prints!

  24. My dream for 2013 is to have a healthy little baby boy in March and to then create a happy, home-y childhood for my two boys.

  25. Last year, my word was "rest" and God taught me a lot about learning to rest in Him instead of striving all on my own. So a few weeks ago, I asked the Lord what my word for this year should be and before I even finished asking, He said, "dream". It was a totally unexpected word for me. I don't fully know what He is going to show me through that word this year or if He's going to place new dreams in my heart, but I'm excited to find out! I love your sign and am encouraged by your story and why you chose "dream" for your word this year. Thanks for sharing!

  26. My word is BALANCE.

  27. Leslie- I enjoy your blog immensely, I'm excited for you to dream! I can't wait to watch the Lord do great things in your life as you dream. This year my word is selfless. Boy do I want to be selfless in everything I do!

  28. I'm a graphic designer myself...i work at my dream job as the designer for my church, a job I NEVER thought I would actually ever get. But I find myself with all these dreams, dreams for my life, for my husband, for a family, for my little etsy shop...ideas that come out of no where...

    I too want to work on those dreams and be diligent about praying for them so I know that they're the RIGHT dream!

  29. I didn't have a word, until I read this. Mine desperately needs to be TRUST. I'm already imagining the ways I'll develop myself in that word this year in so so so many different ways.

  30. My word must be LET (as in let go, let God, let it be...not meant to be a Beatles thing)!

  31. So glad you are back on the blog! I love your word. You deserve to dream big!!

    I think my word would be QUALITY! I want to spend more time with my kids. More quality time with them as a family. More quality time with each one of them individually. More quality time being me.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. I love your blog and have two babies the SAME ages as yours (except my 9 month old is a boy). My word for 2013 is CELEBRATE! I'm working hard this year to celebrate all the little things in my life and to make the people in my world feel celebrated. Email: Aliandy14@aol.com

  33. COURAGEOUS. that is my word for 2013 for my family. let us be courageous and strong in the Lord and in His plan for our family. let us trust wholeheartedly and take courage in His word.


  34. Strength. Because I lived the last half a year in Canada and found an awesome man whom I truly love. But now I have to go back. And there is so much stuff in our way (like money, university, thousand of kilometers...) that it's ripping my heart apart right now. So I wish myself strength to see him one last time on friday and be strong afterwards and also have the strength to dream a dream that if its ment, the two of us will see each other again.


  35. I don't have a specific word for the year, as it stresses me out to have to find just one perfect word :)But i'm trying this year to be more go-with-the-flow, which is quite a challenge for a type-A personality.
    Thank you for this opportunity!
    Marina, tronruds@gmail.com

  36. I'm sort of a constant dreamer...always a thousand ideas or things I'd like to do, see, be a part of. For me, it's learning how to dream the small things. To believe for the little things and celebrate them like they are the big things. Because they are BIG!! So, right now...i'm dreaming of my youngest getting more words...seeing breakthrough with speech therapy and unlocking all the amazing things going on inside of him. It's not ending world hunger...it's even better! : )


  37. I'm not good with words or dreams, but I am hoping that this year I can be more intentional in child training and trust in The Lord and not lean on my own understanding

  38. I think my word for this year should be balance. As I find myself a Christian, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, housekeeper, etc, I sometimes struggle with dividing up my time like I should or doing the best at all my jobs like I should. So I need to constantly evaluate what I'm doing and if that's the best thing for me at the time.
    Looking forward to a great year!

  39. This is my second year doing the word thing. I found it was much easier than a traditional resolution because the word almost became my mantra that I would repeat to myself over and over throughout the year. This year my word is more of a phrase: Lighten Up. I think it can be applied to many different areas of my life: my demeanor, my home, my health, etc.

    1. Sorry! hookemhil @ gmail.com is how to reach me. Thank you!

  40. Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that about you! You're crazy talented. But maybe God opened your eyes to it so your girls will be brought up knowing their mom wasn't afraid to dream, that she didn't hold back, that she had the confidence to try. I don't have a word, but this year I want to be a better friend, I want to be more careful with my words and I want to soak up these moments with my babies.

  41. Ah I love this!!
    One of my "dreams" this year is for our family to be debt free! :)

  42. My word for the year is, "hear." I listen, but don't always hear.


  43. I am just like you, I thought about a word for about 3 weeks and then gave up, and then one came to me...BEGIN

  44. I love this post and I can totally relate. I am working on focusing of the good of right now rather than the what-ifs of tomorrow. I think my word should be: today.

    mytowner at gmail.com

  45. Love, love this post. My dream is to one day be a professor and work in the clinic part time. AND to always be the class room mom, or be able to go on all the field trips with my girls. AND, to go to Disney World soon. Too many dreams?! ;)

  46. love your post! love your work! I am a dreamer... but with 5 growing kids it's hard to know when to take leaps and when to hold back... we want to always feel confident that we can provide for and support all 5 kids' dreams too! my biggest dream is to adopt a baby boy from China (I follow your sister's blog too!). Happy 2013 and I hope lots of dreams come true this year! :)

  47. Dream is to live in the moment with my family. i don't have a word it's a phrase. Live in the moment. 2013 is going to fully commit to it. Just live it and not worry about the other stuff that needs to get done.

  48. Love your heart in this post!

    I've been dreaming a lot lately about the kind of mother I want to be! It's been scary & fun!

  49. Such an encouraging post...thank you! Just today I came to the realization that I've become my own stumbling block. Why do I think that I need to remain in control at all times? I believe in a God who loves us so much that He made a way for us by giving His son...why on earth would I think that my issues aren't important enough to Him to carry?! My word is build...build up my faith, build up my trust, build up my dreams through Him! deedelgado @ gmail

  50. My word for this year is, finish. I seem to rarely or, dare I say, take years to finish projects. My prayer for this year is to be a "finisher of projects." I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing! Angela.kay.butler@gmail.com

  51. No word yet. Still thinking about it. Maybe peace, time, focus...I need to figure out what the future will hold so maybe reflection... it'll come to me, soon I hope.

  52. My word is to LIVE.....I'm learning to LIVE thru HIM more, and to LIVE life to it's fullest, not to sweat the small stuff! cmiller0329@gmail.com

  53. Thanks so much for your honesty. I love the word you picked and your explanation is perfect. I dream this year to be content with where God has me and the blessings he has given me, instead of desperately hoping be in the next step of life or to have my life fit my expectations. Does that make sense? I love the new cards! Super cute!

  54. My word for the year: intentional...and maybe simplify:).

  55. one dream of mine is going to come true this year, graduating college. it's a dream that has taken several years to accomplish (by the time I graduate, I will have been in college for 6 years. the first two years and last 4 years are at different universities. upon transferring universities, the first two years "didn't count" because I changed programs).

    so graduating college is a dream that will come true in 125 days!

    and a new dream has been created, and that is being accepted into graduate school!

    completion of one dream and the creation of another!

  56. Dear Lesley,
    I read 'The Happiness Project' by Gretchen Rubin (twice actually) and it has really helped my perspective. I have never felt like I had any reason to be upset about my life and yet, do I really see it for all the joy it offers?

    My word for 2013 is: Mindful

    Because I want to be more aware, more mindful of the joy available when I choose to see it and take part in it.

    Finding My Marbles in NE

  57. I don't have a word, but two words. Mine are Choose Joy. I want to be joyful.

  58. Aw man, I missed your giveaway deadline. But wanted to comment anyway because I love this post. I'm so excited about your word for 2013! I totally understand where you're coming from. I always try to prepare for the worst as a way to guard my heart from disappointment. I love that your word is DREAM. Dream big, girlfriend. God can do more than you could ever ask or imagine. :)

  59. I read this post last week (totally glazed over the giveaway, LOL) and have thought of this over and over. Thank you for writing it. I could've written this post. I always think the Lord wants the best for others, but think he's willing to give me little or cut my life short. Why can't I consistently believe He wants what's best in my life?!? It's comforting to know I'm not alone and my brain keeps referencing your word. I've never chosen a word, but each time I'm struck with the idea that God would cut me short...I think of your word. I pray that I would think of it over and over through my own doubt.

    At Bible study last week, the speaker said "God wants to give to you." then she made us say it to the person sitting next to us. Instinctly, I knew God wanted to give to her, but doubted the same for myself. This, combined with your post, is hopefully making a shift in my thinking. And praise God for it. Thank you again for writing it.

  60. Hey Lesley! Did you know that January 13th is "Make Your Dream Come True Day"
    **big grin**

  61. I wanted to let you know i found this post truly inspiring. like it was just what i needed to read right at that moment inspiring. i am mentioning it a post on my little blog. just thought i would let you know and say thank you.

  62. Just fell upon this post today. I am not a regular reader of your blog, but believe God had this word here for me today! Thank you for sharing. I think I have stuffed my dreams down underneath my pessimism for so long, that I don't even know what they are anymore. My life is surrounded by blessings that I am oh so very thankful for. However, I am cautious when looking forward to protect myself. Oh, what would life be like to open up to dreams? May God have the glory!

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