Jan 30, 2013

things i'm loving right now

If you follow me on instagram, you know we started potty training this week.


Day one was tough. But, day two was better and day 3, I am ecstatic to report that we were accident-free on day 3! That's a major big deal.

With all the staying home and working with the 2.5 year old, things can get a little bleak at times. So, in an effort to look to the bright side, I decided to make note of things around around the house that I'm thankful for. 


1. This necklace.

I had Hannah, do a little custom color combo of her necklace from her shop. I love it for so many reasons and one of those is the fact that it reminds me of my dream! I know, a lot of you are still waiting for me to share to details on that dream and I will. Just not today. Hopefully very soon though.

Anyway, Hannah has tons of other super cute things in her shop. Go now and see for yourself!

2. This album.

Every morning we pump it up after breakfast and fill the house with praise. It's amazing how a little worship music can help a sour mood when an accident happens. It's been vital to my sanity this week and I ended up making a little print with the lyrics from one of my favorite songs.

amazing grace, my chains are gone - 8x10 Print

Also, little bit of history for ya, I met Chris Tomlin back in the day. I was in high school and kind of thought we would get married. I mean look at us, we were even matching.


God had different plans for both of our lives. I'm pretty happy with how mine's turned out so far but I can't speak for Chris :) Ha.

3. The Vitamix.

I got it for Christmas after oooohing and aaahhhing over it for years. I have used it EVERY single day since. No joke. Every day. Sometimes twice a day. Like yesterday, smoothies for breakfast then salsa in the afternoon.

It's the real deal folks. I'll devote a whole post on my love for the Vitamix later, but just know, I love it.

4. This print.

I got it from Heather's shop before Christmas and now it sits proudly on my mantle. It's just perfect for my house. The quote is pure awesomeness and on top of that - the antlers and added touch of girly. Love it. So yeah, go to her shop and bookmark it as a fave. 

And two more.


5. This song.

It's really catchy and gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. I can't really understand all the words - and will probably end up googling them after I type this - and I don't completely understand the meaning but goodness, it just makes me happy. If if weren't super cold and there weren't two kiddos in the backseat, I would roll my windows down and crank up the volume every time it came on.

Also, the husband had KC lights on his high school car. So there's that.

6. The mug.

My friend, Katy, shipped it to me. Our Target's were all out and she loves cats so much she just had to pass on that love with me. Kidding. If you know Katy, she doesn't really care much for the feline variety. It probably pained and embarrassed her when she was in the checkout line with it but she's super sweet like that.

Mug-swappers for life.

She also has an awesome shop. Go see for yourself.

Sometimes it's the little things. Sometimes it's the big things. And I'm going to keep this pretty light, as most of my posts are, but really folks, none of those things matter.

Sure. They make me smile. Dance. Sing. Drink. Whatever. But without Jesus in my life, I wouldn't even know happiness and he's been my real strength this week with the potty training. He's teaching me to enjoy life more in him and just be free.


Bet you didn't see that coming, especially since one of my loves was a questionable country song!

Ha. Just keepin it real folks.


  1. I love Florida Georgia line. They ave great songs!

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  3. Bam, didnt see it coming, but love that you said it. Sometimes I out loud say "Dear Jesus, help me with this child" or "Dear Jesus, fix my attitude".
    My son always replies the exact same way..."momma, he heard you. I'm sorry" or "Momma, Jesus loves you, he thinks you're super". If I were a lesser person I might just take advantage of that. LOL He knows when momma starts talkin to Jesus out loud we have pushed too far. I'm not sure if thats good or bad. :-) Someday when he isn't 6, or little, I will miss that.
    And Way to Go on the potty training. I am a firm believer in doing it when they are ready. It goes so much smoother. My son potty trained in 3 days. He was ready.

  4. You are nice to me. I was not embarrassed Hahaha!! I am sorta embarrassed every day at the park when Miles says "bye bye cat. I love you, cat" but that's what being a mom is all about. ;) xoxo.

    P.s. ill pay you to potty train Miles.

  5. We just got a Vitamix last week and are in LOVE too!! We use it every day, sometimes 2x a day as well.

    Good luck on the potty training!

  6. this was a fantastic post! I love your the list of awesome stuff and pinned a few of those prints! i also appreciated your perspective - i need to hear that often. i so easily forget about what is important. :)

  7. keep on keepin it real.
    that print. REAL.
    and REAL GOOD.
    love that song. love the truth of those lyrics. and love the print.

    katygirl. she is one cool cat. and a great mug swapper, isn't she?

    and um retro you, amaze.

  8. I want/need a vitamix. I just do. Maybe for my next Mothers day, birthday, Christmas combined.

    Nothin' wrong with a little country every now and then. :)

    I'm with Katy when it comes to cats. But you and that mug together are cute and it just works.

  9. the mug. don't tell anyone, but i have almost bought it three times. for myself. shhhhh.

    this new print is AMAZING. you are cute, hooray for potty training! love you, sweet girlie! xo

  10. oh man i love your prints!! one day they may be just plastered all over my walls.

  11. we just finished potty training with my girl...glad that process only need to occur once! good for sweet p and thanks for a great post!

  12. seeing that that print in your space makes so happy. it looks perfect!
    also, be thankful you are potty training a girl...boys are messy times 100.


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