Mar 29, 2009

Red Petal, Yellow Petal

Red Petal, Yellow Petal, originally uploaded by lesleyraez.

I'm playing with a new template that interacts with Flickr. This is a test post.

I've Been Out Practicing

I haven't updated in a while because I've been out practicing with the camera, and the weather has been much warmer later so I haven't been in the house. Regardless, here are some recent photos post-snapshops.

A Tulip out the Front Door

Red Tulip Capped with Snow - 303/365

From Everett's Birthday

Playing at Woodward after the Snow

Got Any Nuts?

Poppy Tulips

Eric at Woodward

Hope you enjoyed the snow!

Mar 5, 2009

Brady Arts District's - 1st Friday Arts Crawl

I've never been, but think I'll check this out. Sounds fun.

It's is an art crawl with art and artists through out the Brady Arts District. Live glassblowing, chocolate making, pottery making demonstration as well as multiple art...

Check out for more info.