Jan 11, 2016

The new site is LIVE!

After weeks and weeks of working on transitioning my etsy shop to the new RECIPEFORCRAZY.COM site, it's finally LIVE!

I'd love to hear your feedback. And as a kickoff to the new site, you can get 20% off all purchases over $25 with code WEREBACK when entered at checkout.

There are just a few flat, 5x7 pun-intended cards left. The new cards, including all the new designs, will be folded greeting cards and they will replace the flat cards. They are currently at the printer so I'll let you know when they arrive in the shop. That said, if you're wanting the flat cards you better get what's left before they're gone!

Also, you might notice the shop is located where my blog used to live. I didn't 100% think it through that when I moved the shop to recipeforcrazy.com that there would be some issues with moving my blog. So. Lesson learned. If you have saved links to certain posts and get the pesky 404 error message, sorry about that. Not the best move on my part but you can easily access the pages by putting blog. in front of recipeforcrazy.com/whateverpostitshouldbe. 

If there are any web experts out there than can help me figure out how to redirect incoming links to the new address, I'm all ears!

Happy Monday, friends!

Jan 7, 2016

Corn Dogs and Crafting at the Farmchicks Show!

Well I'm not certain there will be corn dogs there but for those who know me even the slightest, you know I love fair food. Add in my sister, Ashley, my girls Amanda Rydell and Sara Parsons with some crafting at one of the coolest antique shows of all time and you have made my year.

What am I talking about?

BE CRAFTY is headed to Spokane, WA to host workshops throughout the day at the one and only Farm Chicks Show! I know I say this about every BE CRAFTY workshop I get to be involved with but I mean it - I am pinching myself that I get to hang out with my ladies at this event. I love my family more than anyone could imagine but getting to have a weekend getaway with people I love, shopping for antiques and crafting (and let's not forget the hope that there will be copious amounts of fair food to feast on), well, let's just say I'm more than a little excited.

Want to join in the fun?

Here are a few details, but for more information and to register for a BE CRAFTY Workshop at the show click here.




COST: $60.00 for a one hour workshop session, session availability on registration page. All supplies are included but attendees will need to purchase a Farm Chicks Show admission ticket.

Grab your friends and REGISTER TODAY !!!  Workshop sessions are VERY LIMITED  due to space.

Information on travel and hotel can be found on The Farm Chicks website along with all information about this amazing show !!!!!