Jul 26, 2011

P is For... (part one)

Today is Sweet P's actual birthday but we had her party over the weekend. The house was full of friends and family and she loved every minute of it!

The theme for her party was "p is for..." Her nickname is Sweet P and we just call her P a lot of the time so I wanted to play off that.

Everything was centered around things that started with the letter "p," from decorations to food. Today's post will cover the decorations, everything from pom poms to pinwheels and a whole lot of pink.

Here's the invitation I designed (front)

P's First Birthday Invitation (front)


P's First Birthday Invitation (back)

And on to the decorations! My mom bought me a 12"x12" paper pad in Martha Stewart's Vintage Girl line and I made just about every single decoration for the party out of the one packet.

 msvintage girl

It came with 3-4 shades of pink glittery paper, pink and white plaid, pink vellum and tons more.

Remember these

and this
p banner

Well, I combined the two and strung them together with some twine to make a little banner to hang on the table.

Party Table with Banner

and remember these


They were the little labels for all the food on the table. Since the theme was "p is for" all the food started with the letter p:
   pizza balls (both the pepperoni and buffalo chicken)
   pitas and cheese (artichoke cheese dip)
   pretzels dipped in chocolate and white chocolate
   pineapple kabobs
   sweet pea cupcakes with this frosting
   pixy stix
   pink lemonade
   and P's very own "princess and the pea" cake

Party Table
Labels for P's Party
Pinapple Kabobs

And I saw this idea and wanted to do it for P. I asked everyone at the party to write one reason they loved her on the card before they left and Eric and I filled out the rest.

Party Decorations

I made a label for the front that matches her invitation. I put it in a little nook with a couple of pink pom poms and one of the photos of her from the day she was born. I love that she'll have sweet notes from people that love her to look back on as she grows up!

And last but not least, one of my favorite projects I did for the party, P's paper quilt. I'm not sure if these exist, but I saw this photo originally on pinterest where the girl used fabric scraps and glued them to a canvas to make a mosaic. Since I don't have a lot of fabric lying around and since I had an awesome paper pad full of cute quilt-like paper, I decided to make a paper quilt.

I made a hexagon template with clear vellum and cut out the shapes from six different sets of paper. Then I arranged them on a huge canvas and glued them down with decoupage.

Paper Hexagon "quilt"

I went through P's monthly photos, most of which were taken by her fabulous Aunt Ashley, and had them printed on 5"x4" photo paper. I used my vellum template and cut each photo out and glued each into the center of the hexagon "circles."

Paper Quilt in the Works

I still have to have her 11 and 12 month photos printed, but you can see the near-finished quilt in the background in the photos but here's kind of a close-up.
Sweet P's Paper Quilt

The center has a hexagon with her birth date and stats on it that I just printed out on a sheet of white paper and cut out the shape.

So that pretty much wraps up all the decorations and ends my craft streak for the rest of the year!

Tomorrow is part two of the celebration!


  1. Look at you, crafty lady!!! The decorations are sooo lovely and well thought out. I esp. love the hexagon canvas. Such a cute idea! :)

  2. sooooo cute!!! what size are your hexagons??

  3. Such cute & creative decor!! Love the invitations!

  4. What a great party theme! I love the paper quilt too. I am seeing lots of hexagon designs right now, and I'm really drawn to them. I think because the tile in the house I grew up in was all hexagons in various shades of brown and yellow. Anyway... it all looks great!!

  5. wow. what LOVELY details. and i just adore your hexagon decoupaged canvas with her photos. i'm in the middle of making one with 2" squares (now i wish i had done hexagons) and i think i'm going to incorporate my daughter's photos on it too. it looks gorgeous!
    can't wait to see part 2!

  6. Love love love all of your decorations. The little love notes was such a sweet idea, and your little P is such a sweetie too!

  7. what an awesome birthday party. i love the paper quilt. i need something to so with my little girl's monthly pictures, maybe i will attempt something like that. i am bad at geometry so my original thougt was that you used pentagons as the shape for it. :)

  8. such awesome details! so jealous of your family's craftiness!

  9. The 52 reasons is a great idea! I'm going to steal that from you. Can you provide any more details how you did it?

  10. Everything looks awesome! I love the paper quilt, and how everything served started with a "P", very cute and clever.

  11. SUCH a cute party!!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love, love, love the paper quilt!!

  13. Love all the awesome details you put into Sweet P's party!

  14. I love parties.
    I love details.
    I love hand made things.
    I love letters.

    Congrats Lesley! This is just amazing!!! And congratulations to the birthday girl!

    Kisses and blessings.

    PS: see you tomorrow at CrazyJoy weekly challenge.

  15. this is out of control amazing!!!!!!

  16. this is just inspirational! so so beautiful!!
    i'm getting lots of ideas for my own sweet pea's party next week ~ yay!!

  17. Thanks for all the compliments on the party! You guys are awesome!

    Heather - sorry it took so long to reply, the hexes are 4".

    Allison Y - there's a link, "this idea" that takes you to the original idea with all the details on how to make it.

    1. Lesley

      I never could find that link.. "this idea".
      Could direct me more, please.


  18. Love love love this! What size canvas did you use?

  19. I just saw the link to your blog on SpeedLink,and loved the party you made for your little Sweet "p". I just wanted to share that we also have a beautiful little Paisley that turned one in March! Her party was also all in pink, though not quite as cleverly done as yours. Blessings to you, and all the little "Paisleys" this year!

  20. Hi Lesley,

    Absolutely LOVE your paper quilt!! Can you tell what size canvas you used and what size the hexagon shapes are? I'm really excited to try my hand at this!

    Kathy (goingplaces72@live.com)

  21. hi,
    i just wondered what size canvas you used?
    absolutly love the idea!
    with love,

  22. Thank you so much for sharing! I love this and will be trying soon.

  23. It's not "this idea", it's "this photo". I went there, but there and found the instructions for the original, fabric project. I would also like to know what size your octagons are. GREAT PROJECT!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  25. What size canvas did you use for the hexagon quilt?

  26. I love the paper quilt ,must do!!

  27. Very creative, I love it , definitely going to try this. Great job, by the way.

  28. Do you never answer peoples questions

  29. I love your paper quilt idea! Thanks for sharing! I've featured it on my latest blog post.


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