Nov 24, 2008

Tulsa's 1st Winterfest!!!

For those of you looking for a fun new holiday tradition, check out this link! Rockefeller Center in TULSA!? What!?

On a very special note, Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Nov 14, 2008

Guitar Here World Tour!!!

It's HERE!!!!

Well, part of it. Eric went to WalMart last night where they had the game and new slide guitar for cheapo (didn't include drums and mic)!! He snached it right up and surprised me when he came home with it because I thought we had decided to wait to get it...apparently it was too good a deal to pass up. So now I need to invest in the drums and mic, although I might wait on the mic! For those of you that are curious about the slide guitar, it's GREAT! I can't wait to have a GHWT party so we can rock it out! And what's really cool is the fact that you can have a 3 guitar band so my GH2 and GH3 guitars won't go to waste! I'll post a pic of my rocker chick later but here's the new guitar!

Also, as a side note, since I'm learning to play the real guitar I hadn't been playing GH much lately so as to have more time to practice. The other day I pulled the game out because I was getting withdrawls and needed a little positive feedback. You see, the actual guitar is much harder to pick up (duh) but I gained rock star status almost instantly on GH3! So I needed to feel like a rocker again and hear the crowd roar! j/k Here's the amazing thing. I hadn't played GH for at least 3 weeks but was able to beat 2 new songs that I've NEVER beat before. It seems my acoustic guitar skills are helping out my video game skills! Who would've thought!

Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Art - 178/365

Nov 13, 2008

Eric Update

For those of you that are curious what the damage looked like after Eric's surgery, click here. I know some of you are a little queasy so I didn't post the pic. It's really not that bad. The picture was taken 4 days after the surgery and looks great now. He's healing well and up and moving. After about a year and a half of Eric living in pain, he is finally pain-free! To proove how good he's doing, I posted a pic of his amazing dinner he cooked the other night, Lemon-Thyme Chicken with new potatoes.

Eric's Lemon-Thyme Chicken - 171/365

Unite! 2008

For those of you that don't know, I work at the Tulsa Area United Way. This past Tuesday we had the final campaign celebration and announced the total amount raised. With a goal of $23,934,339, the Tulsa Area exceeded it and raised $24,001,223! The event was held at Expo Square's Central Park Hall. Tulsa's own, Zink Park kicked off the night and came back for the post party. I decided to share some of the photos from the event that show a little bit of what I do around here. I designed the event brand which was carried out on all the materials including the invitation, table cards, programs and event signage.

2008 Unite! - 173/365

Unite Kicks Off!

$24,001,223 Raised!