Mar 28, 2015

beginner gardening tips on Moms of Tulsa - guest post

I have been getting a lot of, "I've never grown anything but want to start. What do I do?" questions.

For that person, I am sharing some tips over at Moms of Tulsa today. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Mar 24, 2015

egg salad recipe

Now that our chickens are back to laying, after taking it easy over the winter, we have eggs a plenty. It is not a bad problem to have. We eat what we can and share the rest.

One of the things I've been making quite a bit lately is egg salad. Put it on some bread or on some greens and you've got yourself a nice lunch.

I shared a picture of it on instagram (@lesleyzellers) and several people asked for the recipe. I posted a link a while back and you can find it here. But, as with most things, I adapt it for my tastes so I'll share how I like it here.

Here's what you'll need:
8 hard-boiled eggs - peeled and roughly chopped
1/2 cup mayo or lite mayo or vegenaise
1 teaspoon Jack Daniels No. 7 mustard - this is my go-to mustard for all things & is key in this recipe, it's pictured above
3 green onions - green and white parts chopped
1/4 teaspoon paprika
salt & fresh black pepper to taste
sweet pickle relish - I don't add it to mine but do if I'm making it for my husband

To hard boil eggs, I put them in a pot, cover with water about an inch over the eggs, bring to a boil, cover pot and remove from heat, take eggs out after 12 minutes. Put eggs in a a bowl of ice water and let cool for a few minutes. Refrigerate and peel when ready.

Put all ingredients in a bowl and stir until mixed.

That's it.

Put on some fresh greens.

On bread with fresh greens.

Or as my husband prefers. On toast with sweet relish.


Mar 5, 2015

a day in the garden

So I totally forgot to share some pictures my funny and talented friend, Jessie, took of my little fam this past fall. I was going through the pictures trying to decide which ones to print on canvas for the house and realized I never shared these here.

Choosing a few to print on canvas is next to impossible because there are TOO many great ones to choose from!!!

Maybe you guys can help me decide.

Here's the thing, Jessie came over one weekend to capture a typical weekend in the garden. And by typical, I mean just about any weekend when the temps are above freezing. Weekends are spent nearly entirely outdoors. Something my non-cold-weather-loving-heart has been longing for. I cherish our time in our backyard. Since we moved here just over a year ago, I have grown to love this space. Moving to our land and starting all over will be tough but my oh my, it will be good.

Anyway, back to the pictures.

So what's a typical weekend in the zellers backyard?

Bare feet. Always bare feet.

Sorry neighbors.

Girls on the tramp.

Something on the grill.

Time in the garden.

Chickens on the loose.

please notice the black cat on the right. no chickens have ever been harmed by the cat

Dinner on the porch, homegrown salads, dilly beans and sweet iced tea.

And more blessings than I deserve.

See, you guys. How am I supposed to choose a few. I want them all!!! Maybe I can do a wall wrap through my entire house. Would that be weird?

Jessie. You're good you. Words can never tell you thank you enough for the laughs you bring and the talent you shared with my family. I'll make sure to can a whole batch of dilly beans for you this year!

Thank you friend.

Also, I don't know if Jessie is booked for spring/summer/wedding sessions, but if you're interested in having her come document your family for a bit or looking for an amazing Tulsa photographer, check out her website or find her on instagram, @jessieleighphotos.

(I hope you don't mind the plug, Jessie.)