Jun 30, 2008

It's Here and has been Beaten!

We got Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Sunday (12:15am) and beat it on medium today.

Rockin Out GH Aerosmith - 45/365

Ready for World Tour!

Jun 27, 2008

Garage Sale Tomorrow!!!

We are having the garage sale tomorrow at 7:30am. I may be asleep when we open so you may get some really good deals! Here are some things we'll have out:

From my Grandpa's:
  • old coins and coin books
  • vintage records
  • antique linens
  • hand stitched aprons
  • old board games
  • old truckers hats
  • silver plate utensils and dinnerware
  • silver plate spoons
  • wooden nickels, various coins
From my Grandma's:
  • books
  • professional cake baking pans and stands
Other Stuff:
  • small, very used grill
  • women's clothes
  • comforters
  • all kinds of other stuff!
So, if you're interested in stopping by, email me for directions and see you bright and early!

Jun 21, 2008

Guest Blogger

I was invited to guest blog on ashleyannphotography blog. Check out my post on Monday for 2 recipes for quick summer salads!

Jun 20, 2008

Great Finds!

I'm super excited about a new (I say new because I went there yesterday for the first time although they've been open for a couple of months now) consignment store near my house call Joz. I stopped in yesterday and found two steals! I got these chairs for only $5 EACH! I know they don't look so great now, but once they're reupholstered they will rock!

$5 Finds! 36/365

Jun 19, 2008

Mission24 = Crazy

Yea! Another mission. I was in Jamaica for the last two missions but I'm back and ready to go. Today's mission is CRAZY. After some serious thought on what I wanted to submit I finally narrowed down my ideas to two. The first I am quite proud of, not so much the concept but more so for the crazy accomplishment. I thought it would be crazy to attempt EXPERT on Guitar Hero III and decided to get a shot my attempt. What I found to be the truly crazy part was the fact that I BEAT my first expert song!!! Now that's crazy!

My second entry is my take on the infamous moment in "The Shining." This is from the scene where we find out that Jack has completely lost his mind. After weeks, maybe months, of working on his novel, we find that he's just been typing the same line over and over: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. My take is a bit different.

And...Mission Complete.

Crazy! Rockin it on EXPERT! 35/365

All Work and No Flickr makes Lesley a Crazy girl.

Jun 17, 2008


Check it out! Guitar Hero with drums! I'll be rockin this October.

Back to Reality

Well, we're back in the good ol US of A and glad to be home. It has been brought to my attention that my previous updates from Jamaica were mostly about food and not so much about the beaches, ocean, etc. This in part due to the fact that we LOVE food and in part due to the fact that most beaches are sand and oceans are water, not too different. The beach was beautiful and I've left some pics of it as well as the beautiful ocean. The water was clear and we had a blast snorkeling and I even found a flounder! The water was very calm, no body-boarding or surfing, but you could lay back on a raft and just float away.

Our rooms were spectacular with great views. Every night we'd walk the pathways that were flanked by lush, tropical vegetation and rarely ran into a single person. One of the signs at the resort read, "Couples Swept Away, somewhere between isolation and vacation." Which is exactly how we felt about our trip.

We got to know several of the staff members and their stories were quite interesting. Their culture is so different than ours. They're all about no worries, no problems and they mean it. It was a great, memorable experience for us to be able to go to Jamaica for our belated honeymoon and get to sit back and relax and not worry about a thing! I have added some pics from the trip to my flickr stream, so check them out, others are below.

Sunrise on the Beach

Another Swept Away Sunset

A Lazy Afternoon

This way to the Beach!

Hot Pink Beauties

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Jun 11, 2008

Another Jamaican Update!!

Wow times flies fast here! Ever since we stepped off the plane we have been in super relaxation mode. The most stressful decisions we make are:
  • where are we going to eat
  • should we lay out or be more active
  • did i put on enough sunscreen?
We made a short stop in Negril and decided to move back to Swept Away! We are having a blast here. I think I might be part Jamaican, our bus driver said I was Jamaicamerican. I can live with that! It's been awhile since a food update so instead of list EVERYTHING we've had since last post I decided to write about our crazy sailing adventure.

There are these awesome little Hobbie Cats that you can take out and sail around on. We took that to mean you can take them and sail wherever you want, so that's what we did. We went nuts. We bought some goggles and sailed out the farthest than we had seen any other boater go and dropped sail and checked out the reefs. Totally fun! We didn't anticipate how long it would take to get back and the sun was setting and the guys were about to close up shop so we had to book it back, Eric nearly threw me off in the process! But we made it back just in time, although we were the last ones in!

Tonight we're going to eat (big surprise) then we're going to a beach bonfire at 11pm. Gonna have a blast and can't wait to share video and pics!

Love you all

Jun 8, 2008

Sunday in Jamaica

Well, another update! I am sitting here stuffed again. After a full day of eating yesterday, we decided to try to take it a little easier today by limiting ourselves with the food. That was all fine and dandy until about 4pm today. We woke up and had coffee delivered to our patio this morning, ate an awesome breakfast at The Palms, laid by the beach for a few hours, ate a snack consisting of: sweet potato chips, zucchini cakes with tomato sauce, snapper sandwich, and smoothies. We then took a two-man sail boat out and sailed out to the ocean. We napped as it rained for a couple of hours then got fancied up and headed to Feathers. A reservation inly restaurant, Feathers has been the best so far. I had the best piece of meat ever tonight and Eric loved everything!!! Here are some pics from the day and more here.

Eric on beach before dinner


Upside Down Flower

Another Sunset

Jun 7, 2008

Jamaican Update

Oh my goodness! The pictures on the internet do not do this place justice! We arrived last night, walked the beach, ate at the Cabana Grill and got settled in. We have been here about 24 hours and are already dreading Friday when we have to leave! The food is INCREDIBLE. So far we have ate: calamari, jerk chicken, fresh fruit smoothies, Pad Thai (Ashley it was AMAZING!), fried snapper, snapper sandwich, fried bananas with lemongrass ice cream, pancakes, the list goes on and it's just the first full day! The beach is AWESOME! The water is the perfect temp, the sun is the perfect warmth and the breeze can't be beat. We have already got accustomed to the Jamaican lifestyle...IRIE mon. It means no worries! Everything's irie mon. I've added a link to view some of the pictures, more to follow... GO TO MY FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM.

Jamaican Sunset

Jamaican Rain - 22/365

Varandah Patio

Jun 4, 2008

Packed and Ready to Go

I super excited! We will be leaving for Jamaica tomorrow and it's all I can think about. We are set with passports, tickets and swimsuits! Here are my top things I'm looking forward to:

  1. The Beach, the water and the atmosphere (ok, so that's three but I don't care!)
  2. Gourmet Food: Feathers, Heliconia and even the Cabana Grill!
  3. The Nudie Beach...j/k won't be visiting that one!
  4. A Casa Bonita like experience for adults (you raise a little flag by your beach chair and they bring you whatever you want!!!) all you can eat and drink...all the time!
  5. Catamaran Cruise, Bob Marley and Blue Mountain Coffee.
That said, I'm packed and ready!

I'm Packed for Jamaica - 20/365

Jamaica Here We Come!