Sep 29, 2008

Trip to Snyder

Eric and I went down to Snyder, Ok to pick up my guitar and meet the rest of his family. On the way to Lawton we passed through the Wichita Mountain Preserve. It's really pretty cool to see mountains in Oklahoma, granted they aren't very large. We stopped and ate lunch at an old, abandoned cobblestone house. Eric's grandma had make some awesome chicken sandwiches just for the occasion! We saw some deer, a bison and other wildlife and then we loaded up and hit the road.

We made it to Snyder and met the whole Newton clan! I still have to wait on my guitar, though I did get to take home one Great Uncle Johnny's practice guitars. He gave me some quick lessons on basic chords and then it was off to explore.

We went down to see his cousin's land and stopped to fish. Eric caught a pretty good bass, some perch, crappie and a snake. I, on the other hand, captured the days events to share with you so hope you enjoy!

Yipes! A Snake.

Sep 14, 2008

The Good Ol' Days

One of my friends found this site and I thought I'd share. Below are yearbook photos from the good ol' days! Enjoy!

2nd Saturday Free Day at Philbrook Museum of Art

Saturday was the second Sat. of the month, which means, free admission to Philbrook! Eric and I went and enjoyed a great lunch before seeing the exhibits. We figured, since we didn't have to pay to get in, we'd try out there restaurant, la Villa. I'm glad we did! Their spicy clam chowder was the best I've had so far! After lunch we went out back to walk the paths in the garden until the rain forced us inside.

The exhibit, Object Project was great. 15 different artists were given the same 5 objects to incorporate into their piece. The five objects were: twine, a mirror, glass of water, bone and a butterfly. It was fun walking around trying to find each object in all the paintings and seeing how each artist depicted them in their own ways.

Not only is 2nd Sat. free, but it's also family day. There were 3 different art projects going on for the kids; making 3-D frames, painting still life and making mini puppets. A great idea and fun way to get the kiddos interested in art.

I was also really excited to walk around the other rooms to see other great works of art! So check it out!

Object Project

Gardens at Philbrook

Waterfall at Philbrook




Sep 9, 2008

This is a Kidney Stone...on my finger.

Several people have asked how big the kidney stone was that I passed. I was a little hesitant to post one showing the scale because it looks so much smaller that it felt!!! So, here's my massive 3mm stone:

It's Only THAT Big!? - 108/365

Sep 3, 2008

Fishing at Skiatook

Well, it's been a while but I think I've passed my other kidney stone! Yea!

So we went to the lake on Labor Day and had a BLAST watching my nephews fish! They really got into it. From picking out the worm, cranking the reel, to holding up their catches, they had no fear. I remember when dad took me and my sister fishing when we were little and I don't quite remember wanting to touch the bait! Boys will be boys. So here are some fun shots of the boys on the boat. The last one is of Hudson with a fish stuck on his finger! Dad was showing him how to lip the fish to hold it up when Hudson decided to shove his finger down the fish's mouth. The fish clamped on, Hudson screamed and waved it around and Ashley, his mom, nearly flew off the boat trying to avoid the flying fish. Wish I could of got a shot of that! Hope you all had a great Labor Day.