Oct 4, 2010

Sweet P's First Fair

My little girl is 10 weeks old today. It amazes me how time flies when you have a newborn and I absolutely love being a mom. Everything is more fun with a little one.

Take, for example, the fair. The Tulsa State Fair is going on right now so we took little Sweet P and did the usual, eat a corn dog and funnel cake, people watch and stroll along the midway but it was totally different this year because we had a little one to push around.

Here are some pics from her first fair experience.
Tulsa State Fair

Dad and Sweet P next to Granny Sandy's quilt!

Corn Dog at the Tulsa State Fair

Fried Pickles at the Tulsa State Fair

Flashing Funnel Cakes

Funnel Cake Love

The Monster Cookie

Sweet P's First Fair

Also, check out my sister's blog today for Sweet P's one month and two month pics and enter to win a great giveaway!

5 days old:

1 month old:

2 months old:

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  1. The fair never looked so good thanks to Sweet P. You guys had way too much fun and ate way too much good food for one night. Love the pic of Dad and Sweet P by the quilt.
    After looking at your pics, I am going to have to get David in gear and hit the fair this year.


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