Nov 11, 2010

Embrace the Camera - Outside

Here's another go at "Embrace the Camera."

I didn't take it today, but I figured it was okay since I took it this week.

Between getting ready for a big event this week at work, working on a new freelance job and taking care of Peanut, I try to enjoy every minute with my girl while she's awake.

A couple of days ago we took a blanket outside and enjoyed the sunny afternoon with a little breeze. She LOVES being outside and laughs when the wind hits her. Laying on a blanket outside with my girl is pretty much one of my favorite things.

Yes that is dried spit up on my shoulder. But, I've learned that I can handle a little spit up on me. Sometimes smelling a little rank is better than adding another shirt to the laundry pile...especially since a new clean shirt will soon have spit up on it too!

Here are some pics of my girl enjoying the outdoors.
starting with a smile

This one makes me laugh every time!

Hey mom, I'm cute.

I'm talking to you...

ending with a smile

Hope you have a great Thursday!!

If you live in town, make sure you come out to Unite! tonight at the Crowne Plaza at 5:30!!!

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