Nov 2, 2010

Sweet P's 1st Halloween

Truth be told, I started thinking about what I could do for P's first Halloween for over a month and ended up doing basically nothing. Bad mom.

I had visions of what she could be. A cute little pumpkin with a massive, orange tulle skirt! The husband wanted her to be a peanut, but how do you make a cute peanut for a baby that can't crawl? Or maybe a peacock. She could have looked so cute but, I didn't make anything and really didn't want to buy anything.

I mean really, what was the point? She wasn't going trick-or-treating or to any parties. She was just going to be in bed sleeping while we passed out candy. So the only reason to put her in an outfit was to take a picture. So, I rummaged through her clothes and transformed her from a cute little baby to a cute little ballerina.

I wanted her to be a contemporary dancer, complete with polka dot tights, a multi-color striped onesie and bright pink tutu. The husband preferred the traditional ballerina. Pink onesie, white tights and the pink tutu.

So, here she is...

What? It's Halloween and THIS is my costume.

By the way, this was the first Halloween that we actually passed out candy instead of turning out out light. I get points for that, right?

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