Apr 13, 2011

Advice Welcome

Ok, I found this old metal tray at a consignment store and can't decide what to do with it.

Yes, those are Star Wars trading cards. I found those at the flea market for $5! So you know I had to get them for the nephews!

Anyway, I have seen so many repainted and they look fabulous! I can decide if I should paint the trays white, teal, red, teal...etc. What do you think? I also kind of like the strange, old wicker print on the top but I may be being a dork.

Source: google.com via Eva on Pinterest

This on isn't a tray but I kind of like the color.
Source: etsy.com via Eva on Pinterest

What's a girl to do?


  1. oo i love the orange one! i am always in need of a corner spot to neatly display/store random things.

  2. would love to know how you get all the old paint off? Thanks!

  3. Leave the wicker print on top!
    Maybe do the legs in red and change the white around the trays to teal.

  4. i like the top too.
    paint the other parts teal or red
    i like the premium can as well
    i've been looking for one
    a friend of mine has her spoons and spatulas in one on her counter and i just love it

  5. I like both looks. The wicker might do if it goes with your house. But i think you should just painthe whole hing.

  6. my vote: red sides/rails/whatever they are called and turquoise trays! holla!

  7. Oh gosh! I love it! Have you decided? I spray painted a frame a bright, limey green yesterday and LOVE it. What if you painted the trays with chalkboard paint?

  8. what a find!!!!! i kinda like the wicker too. danielle's idea was a good one.

  9. I'm so into yellow and teal these days so I'd say go for teal. The red and teal combo is a good idea too. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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