Apr 6, 2011

Coupon - Why Yes

Do you remember my previous post about Sonic's new premium hot dogs?

Well, imagine my excitement when I got this coupon in the mail!

I can now say, sadly, that I have tried all four of their new hot dogs.

The last two on the list were the All-American dog. (not my fave)

Sonic's All-American Hot Dog

And the chili cheese dog. (pretty good but not as good as the chicago dog)

Sonic Chili Cheese Dog

And the best part of the chili cheese dog is having tots to dip in the stuff the falls out!

Okay, now back to healthy eating.

Oh wait, after these are gone. Thanks dad!

Dunkin' Donut Dozen

Which makes me think of a saying from one of my favorite shows, Biggest Loser...

I added the donut part, obviously!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. You are killing me! We don't have Sonic OR Dunkin Donuts here yet they still have commercials for them all of the time. Ugh!

  2. is there a way you can put a warning on the top of these kind of posts (WARNING: do not scroll down if you are on a diet?!) :) I love the altered BL slogan! lol

  3. We got those same Sonic coupons, and I immediately thought of you. :) I left the flyer in a pile of mail on the counter, and my husband spotted the little picture of the Chicago dog from across the kitchen. He said, "Is that a Chicago dog??" I said, "Yes! They have them at Sonic. Lesley says they're really good. You should try one." Of course, I had to explain who Lesley was, but he did try one (with the coupon), and loved it. :)

  4. yum! I love doughnuts so much! I have never really expanded my hot dog eating past the plain hot dog in a bun with nothing on it sadly. But this post really made me hungry! :D

  5. I tried the New York dog and though it was pretty good except for the soggy bottom bun. Next up is the Chicago dog!

  6. Jenny, that cracked me up! I think Sonic should pay me for advertising!! I would take cranberry limeade bucks!

    Ashley, the soggy bottom is why I didn't really care for the New York dog. My husband liked it though.


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