Nov 16, 2011

Animals with Sweet P

Sweet P loves our fish tank which is a little sad because we're trying to sell it. Anyway, she wakes up and wants to see the fish. Before she goes to bed we have to put the fish to bed (turn off their light). It's kind of nice because she can watch them for minutes!


While she was watching the fish I started quizzing her on her animals. I had my camera out so I snapped a few of her action shots. I need to upload a video because the pictures don't do the animals justice.





You can't tell it from the picture, but she's gobbling.


I have been told by many people that she knows the strangest animals. She also knows cat, dog and fish, you know, the basics but those aren't as funny.


  1. Ok, I'm pretty sure that sweet P and Isabelle are in the same Sunday school class! Either that or someone adorable little girl looks just like her! Small world!!

  2. This is hilarious and adorable. I am impressed with all of her coordinating hand motions! My little toddler knows all the noises, but they lack that element of dramatic flair. :)

  3. umm...that shirt looks like it was made for her. The pictures are awesome, but I agree the 'live' version is even better.

  4. What a cutie! :) I love all her different animals. Are you teaching her signs? My boys have loved learning the ASL signs for different things. My 6-year-old still uses a few (mainly "more" and "toilet"). :)

    I hear you on wanting to get rid of the fish tank. I had a few in college, and they were more work than I expected. I had always heard that fish are relaxing and stress-reducing... well, that's only if you're not the one that has to clean out the tank and worry about whether or not they're going to survive! Ha! :)

    I love your new site designs! The rollovers are VERY cool.

    I chuckled when I saw that "crack" was the word for crazy joy too. :) Oh, and I'm embarrassed to say that I just (like just NOW) realized that the name "CrazyJOY" is a combination of yours and Anna's blog names. Duh... :)

    That earthquake was bizarre! We felt it here too, and it lasted long enough that I was starting to think that we might need to go stand in the doorway! Freaky!

    Sorry this comment is so long! I just caught up on about a week's worth of posts. :)

  5. She is so pretty. My son knows some fun animals too. I will have to teach him moose and turkey!!

  6. How cute! I can't believe she knows so many different animals! I'm impressed.

  7. Shes so cute.. her moose interpretation might be my fav. Our little girl is obsessed with bobcats and coyotes and I honestly have no idea where she got it!


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